Attack is generally the best protection in FIFA 23

Not only have set pieces improved from a mechanics standpoint, they have also visually improved FIFA 23 Coins. With strong players and those who are good in the air becoming relevant once more, it’s pleasing to be able to see EA enhance this aspect in the sport.

One feature I was most curious about experiencing firsthand was the brand-new Physics system. With HyperMotion 2 being touted as a way to introduce more realistic games with physics, I was curious to determine if the changes had an impact at all. The result is an uncertain outcome regarding this aspect. On the one side, you’ll be able to see the new ball’s mechanics at the moment you switch on the play.

The ball turns and spins precisely as you follow the ball’s movement. You’ll be much more agile with the 3-4-3 formation, which offers two slots for left and right-handed midfielders, while three center-backs are in charge of the ball as best they can. Pace is key in this particular formation, particularly for the defensive players which must make up for their low numbers with the ability to run.

The wingers, however, must also have speed at their disposal since they must assist in the back of the team if required. Attack is generally the best protection in FIFA 23, even if this approach is not without the possibility of risk.

While 3-4-3 is a great way to increase pressure through in the flanks. The 4-2 formation’s magic originates from the middle. The midfielders that are fast and aggressive are essential to execute successful flanking maneuvers – however, they can eat up the endurance you need to counterattack buy FUT 23 Coins, so select your strategy carefully.

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