Attack on Titan: What Can We Expect From the Conclusion of the Manga

The latest chapter of the manga, Attack on Titans, has proved to be challenging for the fans. Since the manga is slowly approaching its finale, the recent chapters have been full of heartbreaks. Chapter 134, In The Depths of Despair, gives us an overview of the anti-Eren squad’s heroic efforts and the destruction of the most powerful on the planet. Although the devastation is limited only to individual lives so far, the latest chapter has been one of the most violent of the series yet. Now, only a handful of enemies stand in Eren’s way.

The Depths of Despair makes it evident that the manga is not far from conclusion. Isayama made a statement in June that the series was only five percent away from its much-anticipated end. According to recent reports, now the manga has only one-two percent left to go, which is shocking to some of the fans since they expected the series to drag on a little longer. Judging by the latest chapter, the manga has only a couple of more chapters left before we finally reach its conclusion.

Chapter 134 does give a lot of hints that the rumors of conclusion in a few chapters are true. Since Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the rest of their comrades have spent most of their life being trapped behind closed walls, they were desperate to see and learn more about the world beyond it. But instead, the readers come across a much more depressing world, where most of the people are running from the fear of being crushed to death. Isayama encapsulates the horror of the situation by giving a detailed description of the tragedy’s smaller moments, which is heartbreaking to watch. He portrays the struggle of a mother who is toppling over a cliff but manages to lift her baby up in the hope that its life will be spared. The people around her do the same, even though they themselves are going to face the same fate as the mother.

The latest chapter is undoubtedly hard to go through, and it is almost impossible to guess what Isayama has planned for the final chapter. The hero turned villain, Eren might become a father soon if the speculations of Historia’s pregnancies turn out to be true. However, his chances of survival seem to be very slim, and death might be a much easier way out for him since facing his war crimes will probably not be easy. We already know that the Curse of Ymir already restricts his lifespan, so the best way to punish would be to make him live the remaining of his life in captivity. Although it is hard to say what Isayama has in store for the finale one thing is sure, we are in for a nail-biting end.

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