Attendance and Leave Management Software for Business

Every process in a payroll plays a very vital role. Employees are the base of every organization. The attendance and leave management must be given the high priority though it is not done so. With the evolving Hr technology, the work process of HR is smoothed out. The way of managing the timesheets, mail, etc for attendance rectification has been changed due to high error calculations which impact the company bottom line too. 

Leave management contains some internal policies and workflow that vary from organization to organization. The organization may not feel the need of attendance and leave management software but they must know that it spoils the organization reputation in the long run. The attendance and leave management software helps in finding the vulnerability in the system. 

What is absence & leave management software?

The attendance and Leave management software also known as absence and leave management software helps the organization by keeping track of Employee working hours per day. The software helps in generating the salary of employees without any error and is hassle-free. The leave request can also be managed through software from raising requests to the approval of leave. Employees can manage the available leaves from a single platform. If there is an error in attendance that rectification request can be raised to solve the following error. 

Leave Management System

Leave Management System


The management of leaves is a very sensitive process so it must be handled with care. There are different advantages of leave and attendance management software by Savvy HRMS

  • The software provides a positive workplace with timely updates regarding attendance.
  • Helps in generating attendance easily. There is no need to prepare different reports and make a combined salary. 
  • It can easily calculate the overtime that a person has worked for an organization. 
  • Different shifts can be loaded into the system.
  • Give relief to HR from various queries such as present leave balance. 

Need for Attendance Management system :

Every organization in Era needs an Attendance management system for the proper functioning of the organization. 

  • Easy functioning: The absence of an employee without any prior information can lead to an increase in workload and mismanagement. In the long run, this adds to its impact and leads to organization loss. To overcome this issue the auto shift rostering system is helpful. 
  • In an organization discipline is a must, lack of discipline can lead to a loss in productivity and can enhance other employees to develop bad habits. 
  • Some organizations have multiple shifts and due to increased demand for products, the employees work overtime and though they are paid for it. 
  • The various company compliance requires attendance reports such as working hours, overtime, and much more . 
  • It helps by decreasing the workload on HR by reducing paper work 
  • It helps in saving time and money in the long run. 
  • The timesheet management becomes easy when you have to pay per hour. 

Effect of Poor attendance and leave management system : 

The companies that do not use attendance and leave management system pay a large loss in long run  : 

  • The company must maintain the perfect check-in and check-out of employees for proper attendance and leave calculation. 
  •  Adding manually the timesheet of employees leads to time and money wastage. 
  • Saves from compliance issues, error reports, etc. 

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