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Leis must get a license for an independent neurologist before returning. Packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy on Wednesday to express this running guard. “I want to say that only cheap jerseys from china the conversation with Eddie and the feelings of the medical group, Eddi Recy has been close to (the Union’s brain volatile examination procedure) ended,” McChazi is said to the Milwaukee sentry. “He is well trained. He made very fast.”

The Hawks and Strong Justin Brit (Justin Britt) renewed for 3 years. This contract is $ 27 million, and Britt will get $ 13.25 million in the first year of the contract. The contract also includes $ 15 million in guarantee income.

Eddie – Leisquate Deputy Armed Regression Training

Eddie Lacy has taken another step towards the return. The running guards have worn all equipment on Thursday, which is a favorable signal that can participate in the New York Jet Competition in the second week. Rexi is in the event of a ceremony in the season of Seattle Hawks last Thursday, this is the second brain shock in his career.

In 2014, the second round of the selection of the Selection of the Sea Eagle was first sent 16 games in the rookie season. Subsequently, he changed the striker, and finally determined to stay in the center, he was starting in the last season. 15 games.

Famous Hall outside Treier Owens refused to participate in the selected ceremony

The outer handleTrell Owens (Terrell Owens) has publicly rejected invitation to participate in the Vocational Football Hall of August 4th.

British is a player who has been cultivated by the Hawks Ambago, Tom Cable, and he undertakes various tasks on the offensive front in the first three seasons. In the free player market, this type of ability and positive will be very valuable. The sea eagle ensures that there will be no team to take him away for a long time.

Owens had 49 people in San Francisco in the 15-year NFL season, Philadelphia Eagle, Dallas Cowboy, Buffalo, and Cincinnati Tiger. He completed a total of 1078 battles to get 153 times. Owens retired after the 2010 season, the tiger is the last team that he is effective. In the third year of the selected qualification, he was selected as a celebrity hall.

However, there is still a report that Brown management hopes to use a tamper to pick four-point guard. If Gret is not a champion, Northern Carolina University 4-point Wei Mi Trubisky may be the most likely to choose.

Any player can’t collide with a player who is brought out or a ball-off-attack player that has fallen to the ground, and it is not possible to collide any other person players who cannot produce any impact.

Houston Texas has recently obtained two consecutive victories, and continues to occupy the position of the top of the United States. In the game of Jacksonville, the Tirajaya Tiger, Texas, completed a very beautiful 42-yard copy, and helped the team a leading advantage. Although Brock-Osville is a controversy, although he only came out of 99 yards last week, there were two pass to reach, and the audience did not be copied. This is indeed a lot of progress. In the face of the raided ranking of the defensive rankings, Can Osville continue their play?

NFL13-14 season’s most common plan

NFL rules are also one of the charm of this movement, because NFL rules and sentences are more objectively and accurate than other confrontational movements such as football. The following is the most common foul on the 2013-2014 season.

Cleveland Brown has determined the championship candidates

This year’s draft Cleveland Brown will be the first team that selection players, but in Brown General Manager Sashi Brown, it is now a turn to San Francisco 49 people worried who is.

“I didn’t rank any quarter-saving, but if Brown thought Mi Chur, Chutski is what they need, if they think he will win a lot of games in the next 10 years, then why not in the 12th What should I pick him? “NFL official website draft expert Mike Mike Mayock said. “I think there is no four-point guard worth the use of the championship, but if they really think, why don’t you use a dollar sign to pick four-point bath and then no longer worry about this location?”

Auckland raids have recently achieved 3 games, and the recent seven games have also won six. Two weeks ago, the raid people successfully won the partitioned enemy Dan Buddha wildabar, and the raid people ran to the Tatavius ​​Murray pavement to advance the 114 yards and won the 3 running balls. Only three players can win 100+ road surfaces in the face of the super bowl, and 3 times, and Xiao Murray is one of them. The raid person quad-bidard Derrick-Carl This season has passed 17 times, but only 3 have been copied, and the coast is up to 5.67. In all four-point guards at least 15 times, this data is tall.

The two partition of the United States will meet in the last game this week. This game is NFL regular season after 11 years after returning to Mexico (the last time 2005 regular Arizona Red Spits 31-14 defeated the San Francisco 49), the two teams will launch the Aztek Stadium in Mexico City to launch NFL history On Monday Night in the US mainland.

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