August Wish List of Xbox Games With Gold

Xbox offers some specific games for free to the members of Xbox Live Gold. As long as the subscription is active, Gold members can play the offered games without paying a dollar. Xbox picks up some games for the Gold day. However, there are several interesting games on Xbox that players would get for free. In the July month, Drunk Lords, Juju, Saints Row 2 and WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship games comprised the list.

August month is coming closer, and there are few games that are perfectly suitable for the Games with Gold. It’s hard to predict which games will be launched on the Gold service, but here are some predictions:

Doom (2016)

It is quite surprising that a well-known and greatly anticipated game Doom has not been part of the Gold games yet. After 12 years, “Doom” got back into the gaming industry and received a great response from the gamers. Doom took a breakneck and hyper-violent shooter back to the modern gaming audience. In the game, a nameless “Doom Guy” kills the demons. The most interesting thing in the game is gameplay and shooting experience. The way the player kills the demons is truly outstanding and deadly. Indeed the whole Doom series is popular for brutal deaths and gore.

Skate 3 (Xbox 360)

After the announcement of the new Skate by EA, it is easy to predict the very last version will be brought to Gold service games. Skate 3 was the very last game released by the franchise and before the release of the game fans almost thought the game was about to end. The journey of Skate is quite simple and straightforward where a skater wishes to become popular through skating.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Original Box)

Rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 are doing rounds on the internet, but the return of Vice City is getting more attention. Vice City is a popular game in the gaming industry. Featuring the 80’s Miami drug lord, Vice City is still a masterpiece. Everything in the game was iconic, and the environment in the game was the best thing.

Katana Zero

Players who’ve played Hotline Miami have definitely heard about Katana Zero. Indeed Katana Zero is inspired by the game, but it created its own identity in the gaming industry. In the game, players have to operate a nameless assassin/samurai who’s always furious. When it comes to 2D action games, Katana Zero is a perfect game that deserves to be in Gold service games.


Only Xbox Gold members can get the Gold games free. Every month multiple Gold games get rolled out. To play the Gold games, the player needs to have a subscription. If someone ends the subscription, they will not be able to access these games.

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