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About Author: 22 days delivers nutritional products that help you stay focused on what you need to accomplish by feeding your body with the best possible ingredients. We believe that foods should satisfy both your body and your spirit. That’s why we create ways to inspire you through taste, attitude, and a global conscience.

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Non-Dairy Protein Bars and Other Great Vegan Protein Sources

Both longtime vegans and newcomers have probably heard this question—or variations of it—more than a few times: “How do you get enough protein?” This might be the biggest misconception that people with animal-based diets have: That eating meat is the only way to get enough protein into your diet. More specifically, people believe that meat […]

Vegan Protein Powder: Is It Dangerous?

Lots of people have become alarmed at the recent news of heavy metals turning up in organic vegan protein powder. Here is some information about this controversy. About the Clean Label Project Study For readers who may not know what all the fuss is about, here is a quick overview of the study that started […]

Choosing a Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

Once a relatively rare lifestyle, veganism has become more mainstream and prevalent in popular culture today. Following a vegan diet means focusing on eating plant-based foods and cutting out animal products. Whether considering following a vegan diet for ethical, health, or environment reasons, eating a wholesome plant-based diet takes some intentionality. For those trying to […]

Vegan Snacks for Summer Adventures

When planning quick summer trips to the beach or traveling for a family reunion hours away, delicious snacks are important for staying happy and energized on the road. It can be difficult to keep up healthy habits when traveling, but with some planning ahead, vegan snacks are yummy alternatives to last-minute stops for unsatisfying junk […]

Beyoncé, 22 Days Nutrition and the Future of Veganism

In the forty-four days leading up to her stunning performance at Coachella, Beyoncé put herself on 22 Days Nutrition’s vegan meal plan. She also linked to her meal planner on her Instagram bio so her followers could see what she was eating. How exactly did the queen of pop come to embrace protein vegan sources […]

Meal Delivery Transforms Vegan Lifestyles in 2018

Deciding to live a vegan diet has generally always been difficult, especially in the last few decades. From dining out to cooking at home, finding meals that fit the vegan standard is challenging, let alone delicious and hunger-satisfying. While living a vegan diet can be life-changing for health and wellness reasons, it can result in […]

Benefits of Meal Planning for New Vegans

Deciding to live a plant-based diet is a huge decision, and rarely taken lightly. When first going vegan, most try out a variety of plant-based meals and snacks to figure out what they think is delicious and fulfilling. Meeting recommended daily nutritional values and making meals often come later, once a style and taste are […]

A Few Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

Why are more and more people thinking about adopting a vegan diet? And how could someone go about becoming a vegan? Here are a few answers to these questions: Why Switch to Veganism? There are a wide range of good reasons why someone might switch to vegan meals and products like pea protein powder. Here […]

Can Veganism Help With Heart Disease and Diabetes?

With so many athletes, musicians and other prominent figures going vegan in recent years, average consumers have become more interested in plant-based meals and products like vegan or paleo protein bars. But what good do vegan food products actually do? Can they help with health conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease? According to […]

Some Great Post-Workout Vegan Protein Sources

Vegan protein is essential for a variety of metabolic processes. However, it is especially important for people who exercise. After lifting weights or doing some other strenuous workout, eating protein ensures that someone’s exercise regimen produces the results that they want. The amino acids in protein help restore energy and repair tearing of muscle fibers. […]