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Frequently Asked Questions about Watch Winders

To most watch lovers DUKWIN is a popular name as one of the distinguished manufacture and marketer of global standard watches namely Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Patek Philippe, etc. However, beyond just selling these branded watches, they are more recognized as manufacturer of watch winders. No matter, whether you are familiar with the name of watch […]

How to Preserve an Automatic Watch to Maintain Its Performance

Like other gadgets, automatic watches require maintenance and devotion to survive for many generations. It’s great to invest in one of these timepieces, however you also need to be mindful of the obligations that come with it. While an automatic watch may experience some stress and strain over time, regular maintenance guarantees flawless operation and […]

How to Choose the Best Watch Winder for Your Timepiece

Are you looking for a classic watch winder? You want to find the best one for your new watch so it can be adequately protected. There are two types of winders: electronic and manual. Electronic winders are often preferred because they offer a gentler way to wind up your watches, but manual winders are gaining […]