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How to Enable Closed Captioning on DirecTV Now

AT&T and many similar companies have their inbuilt TV streaming services. One of the services known as DirectTV Now and DirecTV has many different customization options. If you want to enable closed captioning on DirecTV Now, then go through the steps mentioned below. Steps to turn on or off the closed captioning on DirectTV Now […]

How to Claim the Nintendo Switch Fortnite Skin

In case you have brought the Switch bundle, then you can redeem the Fortnite skin on any other platform. You will get the guidelines on how to claim the Nintendo Switch Fornite skin in this article. This procedure is a little bit different for each computer. Steps to Redeem Codes for Fortnite Go to the Epic […]

Best Ways To Make An Awesome Playlist On Spotify

Spotify is amongst the best music stream platform with more than 30 million tracks and music in it. Indeed, it gives a huge variety of high-quality music and tracks to its users. Most of you are not aware of the fact that Spotify allows its users to create their playlist all by themselves. It enables […]

Google Chrome: How To Block A Website

Google Chrome is amongst the top and widely used web browsers across the globe. Chrome has become an official Google browser with loads of convenient browsing features. The majority of Internet users use Google Chrome as the default browser on their PC, laptop and even on smartphones. Besides its easy to use features and add-ons, […]

How to Fix Modern Setup Host has Stopped Working

Do you want to fix the modern setup host has stopped working error? Then follow the different methods mentioned below to fix this issue on your Windows PC. Here’s How to fix a modern setup host has stopped working? Preparing the Windows machine for upgrading Click on the Windows and R key together. Enter MSConfig […]

How to Uninstall GarageBand on Mac

GarageBand is a digital audio workstation application which lets you record and edit podcasts and music. In case you don’t want to use the GarageBand application anymore, then you can remove it. To uninstall Garageband on Mac, you have to go through the instructions mentioned below.

How to Send Group and Direct Messages on GroupMe

In case you are using your default web browser, then to open a messaging application such as GroupMe, you need to create an account by visiting its online website. You have to enter the email ID  or Facebook or Microsoft account details. You need to verify the number you have entered with the code which […]

How To Fix Android GPS or Location Problems

In this day and age where every device has the option of Global Positioning System (GPS), it is likely for you to run into problems regarding your device’s GPS. The reason can be anything from a poor network, bad connection or it could simply be because of a low-end device. So here are some ways […]

LifeSim: 7 Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

We are in the day and age where Minecraft is getting back in trend along with the culture to play simulator games. One of the famous money-making stimulation games is LifeSim. This game gives you the opportunity to grow and build a career, family, and personal life. Here is a beginner’s guide as to How […]

How to Fix No Sound on Steam Games on Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users are complaining that they are not able to get any sound when they try to play games by using Steam. Some users are complaining that this error is appearing after updating the Windows. In some cases, the users reported that the sound is working properly with any other apps such as […]