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AATECH New Nano material panel lightcan kill virus(Covid-19,H1N1…)

The LED nano material light has three kinds of antiseptic and antiviral mechanisms, offer you 24H all-weather protection against bacteria and virus with and without light. The new nano-composite material is a new type of nano-composite surface treatment and environmentally friendly non-toxic material designed to provide general indoor environmental needs. UV Disinfection Germicidal Light has […]

Benefits of Using LED Panels For Different Commercial Places

The LED panel light is an affordable lighting solution to save energy and money. Many led consumer lighting products, including candlelight, panel light, tube light, spotlight, and batten light, are available at market price. Designed to swap conventional fluorescent ceiling lights in commercial structures and office environments, LED panels are thin panels containing light-emitting diodes […]

How to buy the LED track light?

LED track light is something that will make your shop or room  more imaginative with the best lighting arrangement!  Possibly you are looking for something more advanced with incredible LED track lights.  Choose a LED track light first should pay attention on it’s raw materials, because raw materials directly effect a whole LED track light […]

How to Select the High Quality LED Lights

The advancement of the 21st century spawned a sense of eco-friendly consciousness among electricity users. The resulted in a vast market for: • LED panel light • LED bulbs • LED lightings The only impairment to the growth of LEDs as a product is the value point; even now, the price of LEDs is higher […]

6 Advantages Of Germicidal Lighting For Disinfection

Wanna make your home or office pollution-free with quality air? If yes! Germicidal lighting for disinfection is one of the absolute ways that improve the air quality of your place. In the event that you have ACs, germicidal lights installation will bring pollution free and infection-free environments to your place. This enhances your home and […]

Dimmable Led Light: The Best Choice Of Modern Homes

A great many people depend on LED light nowadays, as they are creative, flawless, simple to install and above all prompts decrease in power that sets aside your cash. LED panels for LEDs are utilized in instrument board, electronic and different items. An LED is an effective bulb or light is a strong state light, […]


AATECH adapts the LED technology to provide innovative, attractive and functional solutions for over many decades. Backed by over many years’ in house design and LED products manufacturing facilities, we are highly recognized internationally as experts in both the electronic and LED lightning solutions. Our design and manufacturing competencies are truly wide ranging and cover […]


AATECH International Co., Limited is one of the best and renowned companies providing lightning solutions. As the top most lightning solution providers, we are providing you the perfect item for each one of those who want LED lights having air cleaning feature. With antibacterial features, Air Cleaning Panel Light and UVC Panel Light is perfect […]