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About Author: Adzze is the leading provider of In-Hand Advertising. The media that place your brand in the hand of the consumer. As the effects of the economic impact of COVID-19 crisis continue to spread and spill over the advertising industry, advertisers are facing the challenge to adapt the advertising message and tactics. Adzze has been re-imaging the advertising tactics and adapting to a more sensitive message.The operation team has been working on extending its capabilities to offer advertising concepts that can reach the consumers at their safest place.

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Comparing Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising with AR Advertising

Are you seeking innovative and effective ways to reach your target audience through advertising? With the growing prevalence of mobile and in-hand technology, businesses are exploring new forms of advertising, including AR in-hand advertising. In this article, we will compare Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising with AR Advertising to determine which approach is more effective […]

Grocery Stores Ads as Indoor Advertising Tactics

When it comes to grocery stores ads, one should simply focus on supermarket advertising. Supermarket advertising involves the use of displays in various parts of the supermarket and also includes the use of shelves, register, receipts, and the shopping cart. Supermarket advertising and grocery stores ads will get your products and services seen in several […]

Why Marketers are using QR Code Advertising?

Are you looking to revamp your marketing strategy? One of the quick wins is incorporating QR codes advertising. Ideally, QR codes advertising refers to printing QR codes on your different in-hand advertising strategies. Therefore, when the target audience scans the QR code, they are directed to your landing page, or they can read your advert. […]

AR Advertising Agencies can Boost your Marketing

AR technology has created a buzz in marketing agencies. People are gaining access to unlimited benefits by incorporating AR into advertising strategies. AR advertising agencies are using different methods to use AR for advertisements. According to the survey, 48% of people use AR technology for shopping. They are willing to buy more because they can […]

Unique Advertising Practices with Golf Course Marketing

If your target is elite and affluent people, then advertising in the event of golf is a golden opportunity. The right strategy to captivate the attention of elite people through golf course marketing will set your brand on the right and higher path. The gold industry is considered one of the most exclusive industries worldwide. It is known […]

Best Practices Of QR Codes Marketing

QR codes marketing promotes interaction and engagement through the mobile devices. The type of marketing enables businesses to transfer information to their customers, and also to track ad engagement. Therefore, QR codes marketing enables brands to make critical decisions when it comes to marketing. For QR codes marketing to deliver the results, you need to […]

Door Hangers For Marketing

Business owners and marketers often rely on out-of-home (OOH) media for advertising, and as much as we know that this strategy has its benefits, there are still many more amazing ways to reach your target audience with your message and drive more sales. The use of door hangers for marketing has been around for quite […]

Why Guerrilla Marketers love In-Hand-Advertising

Guerilla marketers deploy different advertising techniques that help to maximize the impact on consumers. Thus, the advertisement approach is gaining traction especially during such “uncertain times” of COVID 19. Firstly, we evaluate how the pandemic is changing how we advertise. How the Pandemic is changing the Way We Advertise The effects of COVID 19 Pandemic […]

Billboard Advertising Pricing and Audience Targeting Calculator

As we enter the COVID-19 era, there has been a shift in advertising methods and practices. Billboard advertising pricing is an important factor when choosing an ad agency or billboard company. Billboard companies will lose billions of dollars by the time the crisis is over. Many clients have moved on to other subway billboards marketing options because […]

Truck Billboards: Here Why They May not be Effective Anymore

If you are a marketer or an advertiser planning to engage the services of truck billboards, you may want to stop and rethink. Americans will readily embrace any innovative means of creating wealth and building businesses, but they may not compromise on the sanity of their roads and cities, even for that. Truck billboards are […]