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How to make your IT team cyber-secure

Data and security hacks and breaches have become frequent and not uncommon over the last decade. A cyber attack is essentially an assault on one or many computers, and across networks, that has been launched by a cybercriminal or group of cybercriminals. From stealing valuable data and information, disabling computers or simply using one computer […]

The Difference Between 5 And 4 Star Hotels

In the travel and hospitality industry, the question is often raised about the difference in a 5-star and 4-star hotel. The rating system depends on multiple factors, such as amenities, services and location. In this article, we’ll try to clarify some doubts and make a distinction between the rating system of hotels around the world. […]

Best 5 spots in Tel Aviv 2020

Tel Aviv is one of the most famous metropolitan cities in Israel. Renowned for its vibrant culture and beaches, Tel Aviv can be your next travel destination in 2020. If you still aren’t sure about it, let us guide you through 5 of the best attractions in Tel Aviv: 1. The beaches of Tel Aviv […]

Oil In The Levant Basin

Israel has been dependent on energy imports from international suppliers to meet its energy needs since its existence. With the recent discovery of huge natural gas and crude oil reserves in the Levant Basin, the status of Israel changed to that of an energy-producing nation with the added capability of being able to export natural […]

Is Israel Going To Export Natural Gas?

With the recent discovery of huge oil and natural gas reserves in the Levant Basin of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel has gone overnight from being a huge importer of natural gas to meet its energy needs to becoming an energy surplus nation with the potential to start exporting natural gas and to establish itself as […]

Home On the Cyber Range: What It Is?

With the threat of cyber hacking on major companies and governments always around, cybersecurity units are working rapidly to improve their own systems and plans from these new, highly sophisticated cyber attacks. For this, range security is a highly invested section for a whole business. With their reputation on the line, not to mention their […]

Defend from Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity is the heavily invested IT resource to protect private firms and government agencies from outside threats that hack, leak, and steal private information. The complexity and enormous features of cybersecurity and a company’s databases put it in its own place separate from the actual office building. Many just can’t fit the extensive layers of […]

All About Industrial Control Systems

All over the world, various industries make use of ICS or Industrial Control systems in the machinery for maintaining everything, right from the nuclear power plants to the HVAC installations, robotics, as well as the doors of prison cells. ICS security is meant for ensuring the security of the integrated hardware as well as the […]

Powerful behavioral segmentation methods

Customer segmentation is a very crucial and important thing. Nowadays, the customer experience and personalization could either break or make factors for business, effective segmentation is very important. According to some surveys, however, not more than 33% of the companies who use customer segmentation say that it is highly impactful. The prime reason why businesses […]

The Ease of Digital Signage

Digital signage is primarily a sub-category of electronic signage. Technologies such as LED, e-paper, LCD, and projection are used in digital displays nowadays in order to display weather data, text, web pages, menus, images, and videos. These screens are found all over public places, retail stores, corporate buildings, hotels, museums, transportation systems, restaurants, e.t.c. These […]