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How to Fix Outlook Spell-Check Not Working

Outlook is a personal information manager created by Microsoft and is available in MS Office Suite. Outlook is originally an email application, but it can also manage calendar, contacts, notes, and journals. If you have enabled the grammar and spelling option in Outlook, then it should automatically inform you of any grammatical mistakes in your […]

Fix: Google Assistant Is Not Setting Alarm

Always remember that whenever Google Assistant is unable to set any alarm, then you have to manually add the alarm. There can be any type of issue related to the Google application that you have on your smartphone.In this blog, we will go through the process of fixing Google Assistant won’t set alarm issue. The […]

How To Delete Apps On An iPod Touch?

Remove iPod Touch apps and free up storage It is simple to remove the iPod touch applications that are non-required. There can be many reasons for deleting an application. For instance, downloading the application by mistake or else just wanted to try it out for once and so on. Removing apps hardly takes a few […]

How to Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working

Voice chat is among the best part in the online games. And it becomes essential for games like Fornite. This feature is most important for coordinating with the team. The problems related to the voice chat can only spoil the mood but also can make your whole team lose. Reasons behind Fortnite voice chat not […]

What To Do When Your Xbox Doesn’t Update?

There are different messages that gets displayed on the screen whenever your console is not able to update anymore. Some of such messages are: ‘Something went wrong’ ‘Your Xbox is almost full’ ‘There was a problem with the update’ The method of restarting and power cycling the Xbox One Firstly, you need to go through […]

What To Do If A Website Won’t Load?

It gets very annoying whenever any website does not get loaded. The reason behind it can be internet connection, software, or else the website. In this blog, you will get to know some of the key ways to fix this problem and load the page. Best basic troubleshooting tips Prefer loading that site on a […]

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Advertisements with MailChimp

Facebook provides a vast range of advertising features for you to utilize and run a successful online business. You can get information regarding the ad traffics and visitors on your website through Facebook. Objectives Of Facebook Ads There are three objectives for Facebook Ads: Awareness This helps you to build a general interest in your […]

Google Feature to Restrict Your Android App Addiction

Google is offering a new feature which will allow you to gain some self-discipline in regards to Android app addiction. The said feature is known as Focus Mode and was announced back in May. The feature will restrict apps from distracting you during a vital piece of work. You can set a timer for the […]

How To Synchronize Fitness Apps To Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can contently be called the most well-known fitness watch on the world, as the watch has over a quarter of the market worldwide. Still, some things can be added to the watch. Most common demand of the wearers includes synchronization of third-party fitness apps to the watch. Famous fitness apps like Strava, […]

Hope Still Remains for Spider-Man as Marvel and Sony Try to Reach a Deal

Spider-Man was a welcome addition to MCU’ Avengers, as the beloved fan-favorite superhero made a debut in Captain America Civil War released in 2016. However, recently  there were some disputes between Sony and Marvel’s parent company, Disney regarding Spider-Man. Allegedly Marvel helped in Tom Holland starring Spider-Man flicks and claimed profits for it. This lead […]