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How to Customize Google Forms With Fonts, Images, and Themes

Google Forms is an online application that enables gathering details form online users using a personalized quiz or survey. Once a user fills Google Forms made by you, the user data would be quickly converted into a spreadsheet for you to see and use it. When so many users responds to your forms or surveys, […]

Fixed: Red Dead Redemption 2 PC / RDR2 PC Error

The Red Dead Redemption 2 PC / RDR2 PC error may trigger on your PC while trying to launch the game. The video game was launched recently, and the game is getting too popular among the gaming nerds. Some users are experiencing issues with the game, and they failed to play it on their PC, […]

PlayStation 4 vs. PlayStation 5 SSD: A Comparison of the Upgrade

With the confirmation from Sony to use the SSD in PlayStation 5, here is an overview of how they impact the game designs. Sony has recently confirmed the introduction and use of SSD in the PlayStation 5 new gaming console. With this confirmation now, the question arises why the use of SSD in the next […]

Android 11 Ensures that Nobody Can Spy on You through Microphone or Camera

Android 11 is going to introduce a one-time permission feature for facilitating location services. The functionality of unique one-time permission was introduced in Android 10, and the latest version Android 11 is just extending the feature. The extension of the privacy feature in Android 11 is significant in terms of providing the users’ security from […]

How to Enable LDAP Signing in Windows Server & Client Machines

LDAP signing is one of the authentication methods available for Windows servers that can provide better security over virtual service. When enabled, the service can reject any request that does not for signing in. In this article, we will show you how you can enable LDAP signing in Windows Server & Client Machines. How to […]

Resident Evil 3 Demo:Where Are the Bolt Cutters Located?

“Know the Location of Bolt Cutters in Resident Evil 3 Demo” The much-awaited version of Resident Evil is ceased to arrive at the initial of April. Capcom has disclosed it through a demo version that came on 20 March. The demo version manifested all of a sudden without any prior notice, and gamers across the […]

Slack Breaks User Records amidst the Surge in Demand for Remote Working

Microsoft is not the only company that has experienced a spike in business-focused communications and chat app. Today, Slack revealed that the company had touched a new user record regarding business communications and chat apps amid the ongoing health issue emergency. The surge in demand for video chat apps has increased due to the current health issue […]

Top Half-Life: Alyx Tips to Survive and Succeed in City 17

Half-Life: Alyx is rolling in the gaming industry with an all-new gaming the concept with the help of VR setups. Half-Life: Alyx is a long awaited game that is compatible with VR setups, and there are some specific setups that are compatible with it. The most exciting thing about Half-Life: Alyx is that even though […]

A Huge Data Breach Exposes 200 Million Americans: The Things You Should Know

A colossal data breach has exposed the personal information of more than 200 million Americans. It is still not clear where the data has come from. Here’s how you can save yourself: According to a research team of CyberNews, the personal information of more than 200 million Americans has been exposed in a data breach following the long list […]

How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working With Symantec Endpoint

Browsers give us the comfort of browsing various things round the clock. There are various protection suites available in the digital market that is appreciated by users. One such security software suite is “Symantec Endpoint” developed by Broadcom Inc. However, while using this software, some of the users face various issues. One of the prominent […]