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Pokémon Go: Best Counters Against Cliff, Sierra Arlo, and Giovanni

Pokémon Go is one of the games that took the world by storm and it is still among the most played games worldwide. Fighting with Team Rocket has become a bit harder nowadays as now they are using Shadow Pokémon as well. Fighting with the Team Rocket Boss and three Executives is tough even for […]

5 Best Free Antivirus in 2019

Microsoft offers Windows Defender to protect your windows from the malware and the program works decently; however, it is not perfect. Sometimes it fails to detect threats as the viruses are too advanced to detect and remove as it is a standard antivirus offered by Microsoft. In order to protect our system, we need to […]

How to Fix Rise of Nations Not Working in Windows 10?

Rise of Nations is a hit game among the strategy game lovers all around the globe. The game is compatible with Windows; however, you may encounter some issues while running it on Windows 10. Several people have complained about it failing to run perfectly on Microsoft. So, here are the steps to fix the Rise […]

How to Update Drivers on Windows 10?

It is only thanks to drivers that your PC parts are able to work in sync. Without compatible drivers on your system, the majority of the applications will not be recognized. If the drivers crash or corrupts, then your system may as well become good for nothing. All this can be avoided by regularly updating […]

How to Enable Apple TV’s Conference Room Display Features?

In case your classroom or office premise makes use of Apple TV, then its Conference Room Display is among the best features for you. Its message background is good for schools, while the Airplay instructions are a plus in offices. If you want to avail of these features, then follow the given steps.  Enable a […]

5 Methods to Fix the PowerPoint File Size Problem

PowerPoint is among the most well-known and used software around the globe. The software offers numerous useful features that the user can avail at any time. However, some issues might occur when you try to share a presentation file. Have you ever failed to share a presentation file because of its excessive size? The larger […]

5 Methods to Free Up System Drive Space on Windows 10

Here’s a Truth: no matter how many free gigabytes your drive has, you will fill it up with the time. If your system C drive is running out of space, then it can cause your device to function slower, and even you might not be able to use some features. Sufficient free storage is always […]

Google Nest WiFi: Everything You Need To Know

Google has launched the latest web routers called Nest WiFi. It consists of two different devices; one is  “Points” that intensifies the signal and expands the network, and the other one is a router that plugs into the modem. There is also a built-in Google assistant support available to attract the users. Most importantly, the […]

How to Defeat Pokémon Go’s New Legendary Raid Boss?

Pokémon Go has introduced the latest legendary raid boss starting from November 2019; Cobalion, “the first and the leader of the Swords of Justice. He is a Steel-type fighting Pokémon that the gamers can challenge for more than two weeks. Notably, it is weak against ground and fire types. Several Pokémon are unable to win […]

How to Create Nether Portal in Minecraft?

When playing Minecraft in the survival mode, it is challenging to build a Nether portal. It requires hours of preparation to form a passage between the two worlds, i.e. the Overworld and the Nether. Fortunately, there are two different ways present to access the gateway, depending on how much time the user want to devote. […]