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Software Development Team Structure: Important Roles & Responsibilities

Thinking about starting your project but don’t know how to structure your software development team? If you’re new to software development, you may not be aware of the role each team member plays when building custom software. We’re here to help you understand software development team roles and responsibilities. Read on! Who will be working […]

Software Development in the Middle East: How to Outsource Skilled Programmers?

Even before the pandemic, the Middle East demanded lots of highly qualified software development talents. As the pandemic began and businesses called for digitization, the demand rose even higher. Impact of COVID-19 on digitization in the Middle East The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way UAE consumers shop and pay and has boosted their dependence […]

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

How much does it cost to make an app? is a common question to ask your software development company. It’s your right to know where your money goes when crafting your mobile solution. In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about mobile apps development costs. Factors that influence the app development cost There […]

Cloud vs On-Premise ERP: Which is right for you?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is extremely important for businesses’ success, so choosing the right ERP for your company is critical. While deciding on the ERP system for your organization, you’ll encounter multiple types. It’s crucial to read about and understand all of the options, as the type of ERP system you choose will greatly […]

Types of ERP Systems

Is this situation familiar? Your business has started growing, and your multiple software programs have become cumbersome and chaotic to manage. Errors, data duplication, and internal miscommunication occur frequently. Or maybe it’s the other way round: Your business is stagnant and you want to implement changes to stimulate growth. Many companies put all of their […]

Important Milestones in eCommerce CRM Development

Selling goods in a B2C environment, whether they’re digital products or just skin care products, requires a solution for internal communications and customer relationship management — especially if we’re talking about a franchise. This solution should connect multiple stores in the same network, enable information and idea sharing, facilitate smooth cooperation between departments, and provide […]

Right-to-Left Website Development: Аdvice on design

Localization, the process of adapting a website to a particular locale, is essential for any interface, even if only a small amount of content is there. As different locales and different language groups have various features, developers must take into account these differences when creating a website. Some of these features may be difficult to […]

How Can You Build and Monetize a Job Aggregator? 7 Business Models Beyond PPC

The market for job search tools and recruitment software is plagued by choice. From job boards to job search websites to social networks to employer branding and sourcing tools, there are tons of solutions for filling jobs. In our previous article, we talked about how to create a job board. Today, we’ll talk about job […]

How Mobile Travel Application Development Is Changing the Tourism Industry: Global Insights

Defining the travel and tourism industry is a challenge, since it includes other industries offering various services. In a broad sense, the industry is about transportation and logistics. It’s also about catering to travelers’ needs for lodging, attractions, and dining after they arrive at the destination. Since 2006, the travel industry has been one of the […]

How to Find and Hire a Python/Django Development Company

We’re a Python/Django development company that builds software from scratch. We know what problems clients may face when looking for a deserving development team. We’ve been in business for eight years so far and can offer practical tips for choosing the best Python development team. Read on! Where to start: Outsourcing Python software development First and […]