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What Table is Right for Your Event?

  Perhaps you have a corporate event, wedding ceremony, or any other personal event planned in the next few months or weeks. You’ve probably gone through the venue, catering, and other necessary steps to make your event perfect. But what about tables? Are you already considering a table hire in Dubai, or are you still […]

How To Customise Your Party With Event Furniture Rental Companies

  When planning a party or an event, one of the main things you must consider is the furniture you will need. After all, no party is complete without the right tables, seating, etc. But buying furniture for a one-time occasion can be quite expensive. A more cost-effective option is to rent pieces from an […]

4 Benefits of Renting Arabic Majlis Furniture for Parties

  When throwing a party, we all want our guests to feel comfortable and relaxed in an attractive and organised setting. This starts with choosing the right type of seating that is not only ergonomic but also stylish. Arabic majlis furniture in UAE is one such option. These pieces will exceed your expectations in terms […]

Organise Your Event with Budget and Comfort in Mind

How much money do you expect to spend for your event? According to some surveys, event planners use up 36% of their budget for food and beverages alone, followed by 16% for audio-visual equipment, 10% for décor, and 7% for the venue. But is there any other way for you to keep these costs down […]

Decorate and Furnish Your Next Big Event with Areeka

  Going big doesn’t always mean spending the most money. In fact, it’s possible to host a memorable event without going way over your budget—all you need is an outdoor event furniture rental company like Areeka. The advantages of working with Areeka for your next big outdoor event Areeka is a furniture rental service provider […]

5 Wedding Themes that Always Work in Every Season

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect. But, of course, this is easier said than done. On top of writing your vows and inviting your closest friends and family, you’ll need to find the most exquisite rings, rent wedding furniture, and think about catering. All of these preparations start with one thing: a theme. […]

Event Design Trends for the Last Quarter of 2022!

The end of 2022 is drawing near, and you know what that means: it’s time for a celebration. There’s no lack of events in the final quarter of each year, with businesses toasting the year’s achievements, families greeting Christmas with open arms, and couples making final preparations for their weddings. And luckily for event planners, […]

How to Plan a Middle Eastern Theme Party

There are many ways to incorporate a Middle Eastern theme into your party. You can start by decorating your space with traditional Arabic furniture and décor, including lanterns, rugs, and tapestries. You can also set the mood with some Arabian music playing in the background and serve delicious traditional dishes. How exactly do you plan […]

4 Benefits of Renting a Tent for Parties

Are you worried that the weather might not cooperate on the day of your outdoor event? You can always prepare ahead of time with a tent rental in Abu Dhabi. Tents provide shelter from the sun and rain, making them perfect for weddings, parties, and other events. They also provide a great place to set […]

Signs of Quality Home Furniture and Tips for Buying

Nothing beats the feeling of shopping for a new couch or choosing a brand-new bed frame, be it buying products or looking for home furniture hire. Filling your property with stylish pieces can add more comfort to your space, improve its organisation, and impress your guests whenever they visit. But how do you find the […]