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Different types of savings accounts

With the growing costs of goods and services, the importance of saving money has also increased. Keeping some money aside to satisfy one’s needs and wants is essential. Savings also serve a great purpose in times of emergencies. However, one needs to know that keeping money aside may not be enough. Due to inflation, the […]

Understanding credit scores: What do they mean?

Your credit score is an essential measure of your creditworthiness. It is based on the information in your credit report, which potential lenders check to see if you have met your financial obligations and can do so. If your lender does not trust that you will pay what you owe them, they do not extend […]

A guide on Personal Loans

Personal Loans are helpful for many reasons. Whether you need to purchase a vehicle, pay for college costs, or secure a down payment, Personal Loans help. They are also flexible and convenient. You need not secure your assets as these are unsecured. Let us understand better how you can apply for Personal Loan online, find the […]

5 benefits of adding Fixed Deposits to your portfolio

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us to value and save for rainy days. While saving is essential to building a financially sound future, relying on them alone does not make sense. If you have already managed to set them aside, consider some ways to make your money grow over time. There are many instruments available […]

How to select a Depositary Participant for a Demat Account?

Thanks to technology, physical shares are now a thing of the past. In 1996, the SEBI introduced dematerialised accounts to eliminate the risk of theft and forgery of physical shares. With a Demat Account, you can hold your shares electronically. Demat Accounts are held in either of the depositories: the National Securities Depository Limited or […]

How Does the PPF Calculator Work?

If you want a risk-free investment, your best bet is government-regulated investments. Such options let you save without worrying about losing money owing to market fluctuations. Besides, banks offer additional benefits like tax rebates and lucrative interest rates against your invested funds. The most popular Term Deposits provided are the Public Provident Funds. It is […]

Top Reasons to Open a Zero-Balance Account

Once you start earning, owning a Bank Account becomes a necessity. It acts as a safe place where you park your hard-earned money. It offers instant access to your funds and facilitates quick transactions. But a regular Bank Account requires you to maintain a minimum balance. Not everyone can comply with this criterion. For such […]

5 Practical Tips for First-Time Investors

Investing is a strategic way to build your wealth. It is an excellent practice that lets you put your money to work. It also helps you achieve your monetary objectives effectively. Hence, you should begin investing, preferably as soon as you start earning. But before doing so, it is vital to be mindful of a […]

What Are the Notable Benefits of a Demat Account?

A Demat Account is a helpful investment facility. It holds the investor’s shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, etc., in a digital format. It saves them from the hassle of physically handling essential documents. Hence, many opt for it as it simplifies their trading experience significantly. But besides convenience, Demat Accounts also garner other notable benefits. […]

Business Loans: Everything You Should Know

Every small business and start-up begins with a beautiful idea. The next move is to find the money. Applying for Loans is the simplest way to acquire cash while starting a business. The term ‘Business Loan’ is specifically designed for businesses. It could be starting a new business, expanding an existing one, purchasing machinery, or […]