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Ways To Ensure Safe Online Payments

With the Indian e-comm space continuously expanding and acquiring, more and more Indian customers are moving away from the conventional way of shopping in brick and mortar stores to shopping in these virtual online shopping malls. This, combined with demonetisation, has resulted in a sudden spike in the number of digital payments made in the […]

How Are POS Machines Beneficial For Retailers?

Are you aiming to increase the profits of your retail stores in 2020? Some objectives come up in a conversation with over 1.5 lakh merchant partners. So, if you are a Kirana store owner competing with a big-box retailer or a big retailer grappling with the challenges posed by e-commerce in India, business growth comes […]

What Should You Know Before Applying For The First Credit Card?

When you decide to apply for a credit card, it is a huge milestone. However, your first one is as big an adjustment as a milestone. Even if you know what a credit card is and how they work, the fact lies within the minute details. If you are keen to apply for your first […]

Why Is The Current Account Essential For Businesses

Most of the businesspeople have an account to store their finance and other earnings. They use it for all kinds of business deals and transactions. It is very crucial to separate personal and business banking from each other. It helps arrange for funds according to the need and situation. All financial requirements require saving, planning, […]

How are NRE Accounts Different From NRO Accounts?

There are many facilities that banks provide for resident as well as non-resident Indians. Those living in foreign countries can quickly receive and transfer money to one another using different bank accounts. There are individual savings accounts for fund transfers limited to foreign countries. An NRI faces lots of difficulties in managing their finances while […]

Gold Loan Explained Through Some FAQs

One of the most in-demand metals globally and primarily in India is gold. Gold demand in India has remained constant despite the volatile market trends, recession, and other economic factors. Gold is considered for long-term investments, be it in the form of jewellery, bars, or exchange-traded funds. It is one of the instruments that people […]

What Should You Know About RFC Account?

Having worked as an NRI (non-resident Indian) abroad, you would surely have some foreign investments like your bank account balance, share investments, mutual funds, etc. You would surely want to get your foreign currency back from your account overseas. You can open an RFC (resident foreign currency) account after your return to India, which can […]

Know Why Your Business Loan Application Was Turned Down

One of the options that act as your lifeline for if you seek company growth and want to make the most of the market’s potential then they are business loans. Although it may seem difficult for owners to make use of these loans, particularly first-timers, it is not so. Approval of such a credit depends […]

Things to Remember Before You Get A Personal Loan

A personal loan is one of the most popular loans available today. The features of this loan make it extremely in demand and many people opt for these loans to meet their fund requirements. With digital banking and technological developments, lenders have started online personal loan offerings. If you are wondering how to get a […]

What Is Debit Card And How Does It Work?

One of the most important cards you receive when you open a bank account are the debit cards. It is important to know what a debit card is and how it works. What is debit card? Also known as an ATM card is connected to the bank account. This card can be used to withdraw […]