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Name: Bella Williams
About Author: I am an employee currently living in USA and working at a top email service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. I am passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news, and other articles on varied topics.

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How to Remove your Voice Recordings on Google Assistant?

All your search activities can be found if you look hard enough. Even your calling details can be figured out relatively easily. If you search deeper, then you can find your movement details; also, Google Home is the same. Everything said to Google Assistant is contained within the My Activity tab of your Google Account. […]

How to Share or Make your Google Calendar Public from Any Device?

If you use Google Calendar a lot to organize your schedule or make plans, you’ll probably want to share it with your friends, workmates or family. There could be a lot of good reasons behind sharing your calendar with someone. If you also want to share your calendar or make it public, then Google Calendar […]

How to Fix the NVIDIA High Definition Audio No Sound Problem on Windows?

The NVIDIA high definition audio no sound problem on Windows will occur when the users use the HDMI for streaming audio and video to any other display. This issue can also occur when the users install the updated versions. If you want to fix this issue, then follow the instructions mentioned in this article. Here’s […]

Apple TV Plus: Price and Launch Date

Apple is set to release its streaming services in November 2019, and it will reportedly come at an initial price of $9.99 per month. The company has yet to make any announcement on the say about the price and availability of the streaming service, despite announcing the streaming platform back in March 2019. Now the […]

Resetting Your AirPods is Easy- Here’s How to Do it?

Apple AirPods are the best wireless earbuds in the world. But a few users have found that their AirPods are not working well after a year. However, after resetting them, the problem was solved. So, if your Apple AirPods also have started acting up, then you can reset them to solve the problem. Today we […]

How to Disable Ads on Google Chrome?

Are you annoyed by the ads that pop up on your screen while surfing? If you use Google Chrome, then you can block these annoying advertisements. Let’s see how. Through Settings on Desktop If you want to disable Ads on Google Chrome using Settings, you need to follow the steps given below. Firstly, you have […]

Critical Security Flaw Detected in VLC Media Player

VLC, a popular media player, is now in the headlines, due to all the wrong reasons. A software vulnerability has been detected in this open-source program, and this could potentially impact millions of people. This security flaw was detected by researchers at CERT-Bund. According to the researchers, VLC, which hit the three billion downloads milestone […]

How to Install and Setup a VPN on Your Mac?

A VPN application is used for browsing the Internet anonymously, and to enhances your internet browsing experience by unblocking content and increasing overall speed. It hides your internet protocol address, which prevents your internet providers from tracking your online activity. You can even access the geo-restricted content on your Mac. So overall, installing and setting […]

Temple Run 2: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Play Like a Pro

Temple Run is a popular mobile game that has breathtaking visuals, and the plot is full of twists and turns. Its sequel Temple Run 2 has just got even better. The 3D graphics, sound effects, and plot appear even more natural and epic. I am a Temple Run 2 enthusiast and want to guide people […]

How to Fix YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing?

Nowadays, everyone uses YouTube on their iPhone, Android, or computer. But some users are reporting an issue that YouTube videos are loading but not playing on their device. Want to know how you can fix this issue? Then follow the easy methods listed below to fix this issue. Steps to Fix YouTube Videos Loading but […]