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Procedure to increase the speed of your Chromebook

You can get many benefits by using Chromebooks, but sometimes, it takes more time to start and runs slowly over time. There are many reasons for this condition of Chromebooks. If you install many extensions, all of these extensions run in the background. It causes slow down the speed of Chromebooks. Usually, Chromebooks have limited storage […]

How to Download Flash Player Videos

Flash is a file format which is used to play video content through the Adobe Flash Player. This file format is used generally on the web browser to show advertisement and other video content. In this article, you will get the steps to download Flash Player videos into your PC. Steps to Download Flash Player […]

How to Fix Google Play Store Error Code 920

Many Android users are complaining that they are receiving the ‘Google Play Store Error Code 920’ each time they try to install any app from Google Play Store. This error doesn’t let the users download a new app on the device. If you want to fix this issue, then go through the steps mentioned below. […]

How to Fix iBooks Not Syncing Between iPad and iPhone

You can download iBooks, which is an e-book reader app from the App Store. You can find, download and purchase different books in the iBooks app on your iOS device. But some users are not able to synchronize the books between iPad and iPhone. If you are facing iBooks not syncing between iPad and iPhone […]

How to Remove Windows 10 Bloatware Using PowerShell

Bloatware refers to preinstalled software or applications installed by the manufacturers of the devices. Many bloatware programs may not be relevant to you and consume a lot of space in your device which can be utilized for something else. These inbuilt apps are expensive to use and the purpose of putting them is to make […]

How to Create a New Apple ID from iOS Device or Browser

In order to get the most out of your Apple devices, you have to create an Apple ID and password. It is not a mandatory thing but to make use of several features of your device, an Apple account is beneficial. Are you new to Apple products? You can easily create a new Apple ID. […]

How To Spring Clean Your iPhone Screen

Cleaning your iPhone screen sounds easier than it is. Wiping out the visible dust is not the same as cleaning the screen properly. Scratches, dust, and debris make an iPhone look like a mess, and it requires proper cleaning every now and then. If you are one of those who give less attention to their […]

How To Uninstall Apps In Windows 7, 8 & 10

You may want to uninstall apps from your system due to several reasons. Sometimes, users get a better application and replace the installed ones. Sometimes, a specific app in Windows affects the entire OS by crashing files and documents. Several factors demand uninstallation of one or more applications from the system. A user should learn […]

How to Fix Facebook App Crashes on Android or iOS

Smartphone users may, at times, notice that their Facebook app crashes while they are using it. You will get many different ways to fix the Facebook app crashes on Android and iOS error in this article. You can solve this issue by logging in to the Facebook account, deleting cache on your Android or iPhone, […]

How to Fix ‘Failed to Load the JNI Shared Library’

Sometimes Eclipse users face ‘Failed to load the JNI shared library’ issue when they install and run Eclipse. There are many different ways to solve this problem, and you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to fix it. Here’s How to Fix ‘Failed to Load the JNI Shared Library’ •    Editing the ‘eclipse.ini’ File 1.    […]