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5 Best Apps For Learning French In 2019

Learning the French language is as fancy and interesting as it seems. French is a classic language but is not as difficult to learn as long as you have your smartphone. Yes, you heard me right. Learning French is no longer a chaotic and daunting task. I have shortlisted some of the best apps that […]

5 Best Android Puzzle Games In 2019

Puzzle games are popular and trending. Besides this, it is believed that puzzle games are quite an effective exercise for an individual’s mental health. In today’s busy world, we barely get enough time to do some brain exercise. Puzzle games on your smartphone give you an edge over doing some brain workout in the most […]

Top 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2019

Do you know that mechanical keyboards are known for their durability and ease of use? They are equipped with key switches and spring activated keys. If any key stops working, it can be easily replaced with a spare key. These keyboards are used for better typing experience and ease of use. Are you also looking […]

How to Add Subtitles to Netflix Movies or TV Series

Whether you are playing a  TV series or movie in your native language or not, subtitles are a convenient way to understand the content.  By adding subtitles to your TV series or movies, you can’t miss an essential part of the dialogue. It is a great idea to add subtitles to your movie or TV […]

How to Setup and Use OneDrive on iOS?

OneDrive is a great utility for syncing and sharing your data online. It will allow you to access your photos, videos, recent files and organize your files on iOS, but do you know how to use OneDrive in iOS? Here are the instructions to solve your problem. Login to OneDrive Here is the process of […]

How to Setup and Use Dropbox on iPad?

Dropbox is a great utility for sharing data between your PC, tablet, and mobile. It is a cloud management service, and Dropbox will permit you to sync your data over all of your accounts and devices. Here are the steps to use Dropbox on the iPad. Download Dropbox Here is the process of downloading Dropbox […]

Top 5 Best Blue Light Filter Applications for Windows of 2019

According to research, the blue lights are the shortest wavelength of light and contain the highest energy. Blue light is very similar to ultraviolet rays and is unhealthy for our eyes, especially if one is continuously exposed to blue light. These blue lights generated from various electronic devices such as computer monitors, LED TV, and […]

How to Transfer Google Drive Files to Another Account

People generally have more than two email accounts for many purposes. One is for personal use, and second is for the business or office use. Most of the people create other accounts to enlarge the limited cloud storage. When you make a new email account, you may wish to transfer Google Drive files to another […]

How to Stop Chrome Opening Automatically on Startup

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers which is used by a number of people. As we all know, Chrome is a fast and reliable browser, and there are some issues which Chrome developers have not fixed yet. The most common problem is Chrome opening automatically on startup. If you want to stop […]

How to Connect and Use Multiple Monitors with Windows 10 PC

Sometimes a single monitor is not enough, especially when you’re a programmer, gamer, data analyst, or content creator. It might look odd or maybe not, but it improves multitasking and significantly enrich your productivity. The purpose could be anything; Windows 10 has everything that is needed to set up multiple displays. There isn’t any requirement […]