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7 Tips and Tricks for High Scores on Flappy Fighter

Mobile-based fighting games often get mixed reviews, and it is mostly because it is hard to transform the game experience with touch controls. Creating a powerful fighting game for smartphones is not a cakewalk, but Flappy Fighter is an incredibly amazing game. This game is a comic mish-mash of the popular Street Fighter II and […]

6 Stickman Bike Battle Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Do you want to experience the thrill of biking on mountains? Play Stickman Bike Battle and compete with others in bike races. While this game looks simple, it is far from it. Here are some strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you master Stickman Bike Battle. Collect free coins When you visit the shop’s […]

5 Best Cameras for Monitoring your Pet

It is hard to leave your pet alone when nobody is home to monitor the pet, and especially if the pet is mischievous. They might break expensive decorative items and hurt themselves while being alone at home. In that case, it best to have an ideal pet camera to watch the behavior of your pet […]

How to Download Flash Games on PC

Flash games are fantastic- they are available all over the web, and are easy and free to play. If you have found a flash game and want to download it, then the game itself must fulfill some criteria. That’s why some Flash games can’t be downloaded. If you want to download Flash games on your […]

How to Update Timezone in Linux

While setting up Linux in your system, did you select a wrong timezone? Did you move to a new region and want to change the timezone on your Linux device? Here are four simple ways to change timezone in Linux OS. Use the one suitable for your Linux distribution. Way 1: Changing Timezone from the […]

How to Repost on Instagram

You have to use a third-party application to repost on your Instagram account such as Repost for Instagram +. Just copy the URL of the picture posted on your Instagram account which you wish to repost and after that, launch the Repost application. Here’s how to repost on Instagram. Steps to repost manually with a […]

Top 5 Apps for Tracking Movies and TV Shows

Nowadays, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more have overtaken the entertainment industry. These services provide you the watching history, but if you are not satisfied, you can use dedicated movie and TV show tracking apps. You can easily find plenty of them on your Android or iOS store. These apps manage you […]

Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games in 2019

Nowadays, there are plenty of multiplayer games for mobile are available on the app store. You don’t need to ask someone to play with you as there are already unknown players there for you.The  below-given apps are the best multiplayer games for Android user, have a look on them. 1. Asphalt 9: Legends Gameloft brings […]

How to Adjust Margins of your Google Docs Document

Google Docs page have a default page size, color, orientation, and margins. When you open it, you’ll see the same page format. You’ve seen while creating a document in Docs; some space remains blank on all the four sides of the page. This empty space will also come in the paper when you print the […]

How to Capture Screenshot on Windows and Mac

We do a lot of things in all of our devices and take a screenshot of what we are doing. Most of the people find capturing the screenshot in smartphone easy, but when it comes to taking Screenshot in computers, it is not the same. This blog will guide you with the ideal way to […]