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6 Traits Every Critical Care Nurse Must Have

When learning about emergency medicine, knowing the skills needed for a critical care nurse is crucial. Critical care nurses must put in an effort to enhance their nursing abilities on a regular basis. This lets them provide a pleasant experience for patients. They should also constantly read reference books and listen to the best medical podcasts to […]

How to Thrive in Med School? Remember these 5 Tips

If you’re new to medicine or in your second year, you’re undoubtedly a bit nervous and anxious about the whole thing. Medical school may be difficult, but if you use the right study strategies, it’ll be far easier than you think! The specialists have provided these five tips that will simplify your educational journey: Don’t […]

What makes a Good Critical Care Nurse?

Hundreds of nurses around the country take care of critically ill patients. In other words, they take care of patients, mostly dealing with life-threatening conditions. Typically, critical care nurses will spend most of their time working in ICU’s. The assistance of critical care nurses is also necessary for other settings such as telemetry units, outpatient […]

Are You a Med Student? Here’s Why You Should Start Listening to Podcasts

Podcasts have become more popular than ever. Even though the audience is relatively smaller compared to other media types like television, the number of listeners only seem to rise in the recent times. Even some of the popular content creators have expressed their interest in doing podcasts. Listening to the best medical podcasts is a favourite activity […]

What You Need to Know About Critical Care Nursing

Working in critical care is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have. If you aspire to become a critical care nurse, you will have to be prepared to spend many hours on feet and work with patients who require emergency treatment. You must be capable enough in attending to your patients’ requirements almost […]

Warning Signs Of Dental Problems and What Should You Do

Poor oral health can lead to a range of dental problems. However, most dental problems are preventable and curable at the early stage. Recent studies show that poor dental hygiene can also have overall health problems, including increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. In fact, a study found a link between gum inflammation and […]

5 Important Qualities that make a Good Doctor Stand Out

When you pursue a career in medicine, you should be possessing some desirable qualities that are appealing to patients. Having these qualities is necessary to provide the best care and experience that make people feel better. If you are wondering what these traits are, an expert running one of the best medical podcasts explain the skills of […]

How Medical Podcasts Improve the way Students learn

Podcasts are a modern form of content that has been gaining traction in recent times. People have been turning to podcasts for both education and entertainment. With several creators embracing the idea of podcasting, it has become mainstream, and the audience appreciates the accessibility they get. When it comes to medicine, students and medical professionals […]

5 Things Every Medical Student Should Remember

If you are just starting your medical course or getting in to your second year, it’s likely that you are equal parts excited and overwhelmed about the whole situation. Med school can be challenging, but when you adopt the right study practices, it’ll be a lot more manageable than you think! These 5 tips from […]

Critical Care Nurse – Roles and Responsibilities You Should Know

A critical care nurse, also known as an ICU nurse, is responsible in taking care of patients dealing with life-threatening conditions. Nurses working in an intensive care unit (ICU) will have to provide continuous care for various patients with brain injuries, cardiac problems, accidental injuries, and more. Critical care nurses will also keep themselves updated […]