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Nintendo Switch Pro, Mini Hinted at With Latest Update of Nintendo Switch

While the company Nintendo is yet to announce a bit more powerful Nintendo Switch or quite a budget variant, the organization may have let on the possibility of multiple new versions of its hybrid console with its newest update. Dubbed the System Update 8.0.0 of Nintendo Switch, it allows you to transfer the data of […]

The Sky’s the Limit Says A Leader-Class SOC

This has been quite a challenging year for McAfee, as they not only roll out their vision but also start to fulfill that particular vision. McAfee has established the world view: cloud and endpoint as the critical control points for cybersecurity and the Center of Security Operations (SOC) as the situation room and the central […]

Steps For Download, Install, And Activation Of Norton Antivirus Software – Setup your subscription of Norton now with the help of this particular link. Let us get started with your Norton Antivirus Security today so just Activate Subscription of Norton to enjoy all the services. With the advancement of modern technology and growing fast use of the internet, there has been observed a great hike […]

McAfee Software Charge to Expand and Embrace the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

In the month of October, we were privileged to attend the two-day conference of MITRE ATT&CK, where participants and attendees voiced their support for the framework of ATT&CK. The event, sponsored by McAfee company, served as a forum for sharing best practices and insights for using ATT&CK as a way to demystify and describe the […]

Latest Update Of Anthem Mixes in a Few New Fixes

There is no denying that the game Anthem has had one rocky launch, with a lot of players seemingly attacking the Anthem game for particularly not delivering what was expected. A recent bombshell of the latest report showed that development of the Anthem game was practically as rocky as the launch itself, that definitely causes […]

Firewall Warning By Your McAfee Antivirus software for Windows

If your McAfee Antivirus software detects an issue, you see an At-risk exclamation point and the status of your protection in the Security Center changes from green to either red or gray. In this case, the Firewall of the McAfee is disabled. For any information about McAfee software, you can visit This message can occur […]

Cheaters In Apex Legends Are Getting Hardware Banned

Hackers and cheaters are a huge issue in each and every online game, and not all the game developers know how to handle the problem properly. This is not the case for Respawn company, that is going to extreme lengths to keep Apex Legends as cheating and hacking free as possible. According to several online […]

Efforts of Amazon to Stop Shareholder Votes on Facial Recognition Blocked by US SEC

US securities regulators attempts of shot down by Amazon to stop its investors from considering proposals of two shareholders about the controversial sale of the company of a facial recognition service, that is a sign of growing scrutiny of the latest technology. Decisions including one on the day of Wednesday by officials at the Exchange […]

Windows 10 May 2019 Update Announced, Users Will Get Installation Hints

Microsoft Corporation has announced that its next big release of Windows 10 software program will be called the Update of Windows 10 May 2019, and it will introduce various new features along with a completely new mechanism of delivery that will put more power in the hands of the users. The update will roll out […]

Easy Steps To Fix McAfee Antivirus Installation Error Code 0!

Easy Step by step procedure: How to fix the McAfee Antivirus Installation Error code 0: Some time while installing the McAfee Antivirus Security programming on windows operating system, it failed and shows a message like We are facing a problem in installing McAfee programming due to the McAfee Error Code 0. This McAfee error code 0 […]