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Types of Ramps – Features And Uses

Aluminium Ramps are mainly useful for wheelchairs. They help to transfer wheelchairs over stairs or if they are slightly raised. These ramps are mostly for moving those who are on wheelchairs. They make it simple for moving a wheelchair. They are light in weight and thus easy to carry. There are different types of ramps […]

6 Mobility Aids and Their Uses

Mobility aids are very useful devices for those who need support in walking or have some mobility impairment. The design of these aids helps people move about independently. These aids for mobility help people who want to go about their daily activities with ease. The people who have mobility issues due to injuries or age […]

6 Types of Body Supports to Reduce Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, osteoarthritis, or pain in other body parts, body supports can help you relieve the pain. From shoulder to foot, there are various types of braces to do so. Many people have an idea about back supports and wrist supports as back and wrist issues are common ones. But […]

7 Types of Wheelchair Ramps and Their Uses

Imagine perfect movability through the curbs and obstacles! It would be so convenient for a wheelchair user! Wheelchair ramps (inclined plane/slope) do just that by offering a smooth surface to tackle obstacles. Be it a doorstep, stairs, or rough surface; inclined planes are there to make the movement easier for a wheelchair user. But when […]

6 Mobility Aids for the Shower: All You Need to Know

Walking into the bathroom for having a relaxing bath might be a usual activity for many. But this is not the case for people with mobility difficulties. Even a primary task like taking a shower can be rigid or hazardous for physically impaired persons. Thankfully there is an array of mobility aids like a shower […]

3 Types of Disability Aids for Elderly

As a person grows older, it can get challenging to move around or perform certain tasks with limited mobility. Disability aids are the devices carved out to aid the people facing challenges in doing typical activities. These devices offer myriad benefits to the users, together with reduced pain, increased confidence, and self-esteem. A range of […]

Choosing the Right Bathing Equipments

We do not understand the meaning of the right bathroom equipment unless an unsuitable aid or expensive mistakes put us at some kind of risk. We usually think bathroom accessories such as bath boards, shower stools, or a simple soap dish do not need much of our time and attention. In that process, we sometimes […]

Mobility Aids for Everyday Life

Technology and gadgets have made life inclusive and interactive for wheelchair users. The modern tools and mobility aids like crutches, over bed tables, and laws like ADA compliance ensure that everyone can have a more promising life. However, the type of aids depends on the recovery model. You can choose a mobility aid for a […]

How to Choose The Right Wheelchair Ramp

For wheelchair users, the primary need is to be as independent as possible. Wheelchairs and rollators also allow them to do so while undertaking regular activity without any support. The only trouble-causing things are steps, curbs, stairs, and uneven surfaces which can hamper movement and impact safety. A wheelchair ramp (inclined plane/Slope) is a great […]

Managing Mobility With Wheelchair Ramps

Mobility limitation is a common functional incapacity faced by many people. For them, being able to enter or exit buildings or get in and out of vehicles is a matter of everyday efficiency and independence. That’s why accessibility equipment companies design wheelchair ramps to ensure better access to buildings and transportation. They are available in […]