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Types and Benefits of Pill Boxes

As you age, medications become a daily regimen. There are multiple medicines for you to take, at multiple time intervals. In the morning, at noon, in the evening or just before your bedtime. You need to maintain the timings of your pills as well as its dosage. Pill boxers are thus helpful. You just need […]

5 Orthopedic Aids for Joints

There are a total of 360 joints in a human body. Joints connect bone to bone. So, if your elderly face any discomfort in any of the joints, you need to take care of them. Any kind of wear and tear, sprain or strain which causes pain is a threat to the body, creating discomfort. […]

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ramp

Nearly half of the elderly people find it difficult to use the stairs all by themselves. It is advisable to use a ramp for such people. It helps increase mobility in a wheelchair and make the person feel comfortable. It reduces the risk of injuries, and accidents during their trip. There are many types of […]

Must Have Cutlery for Disabled and Elderly

Aging makes it difficult for the elderly to complete daily tasks without any assistance. Moreover, disabled, and injured people struggle with many different things in their everyday life.  Say, cooking and eating food, which the elderly find extremely tough to do independently. These people lose the strength and flexibility to hold the handles or grips […]

Top 5 Assistive Equipment Needed for Immobile People

Assistive equipment are the devices that are used to help a person and perform a particular task. Many people with disabilities depend on assistive devices. These external devices help them to carry out daily activities and be productive. The type of mobility aid required depends on the issue and the injury.  Here are the top […]

6 Must Have Bathroom Safety Aids for Elderly

If this pandemic has taught us something, it is to be safe in our everyday lives. People in general need to take a little better care of themselves, especially the things that are in their control. Like using the bathroom. But elderly people and people with mobility issues face challenges even for that.   The bathroom […]

Importance of Bath Pillows for Elderly

After a long tiring day, anybody would like to sink their body in the bathtub and relax for hours. And when it comes to the elderly, they enjoy warm showers that can heal them. But elderly often find it difficult to take a bath due to their mobility issues. There are many products that can […]

9 Benefits of Having a Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps make the life of mobility aid users much easier. They can move in and around their homes safely and independently with their walking frames, wheelchairs, scooters, etc. . There are various types of wheelchair ramps available in the market like threshold ramps, suitcase ramps, folding ramps, aluminium ramps, etc. to ease your life. You can […]

3 Things People With Disability Should Keep in Mind While Planning a Vacation

Traveling can be hard for people with mobility issues. They have to be careful while planning the destination, packaging, carrying mobility aids, etc. Basically, they need a proper checklist before they leave for a vacation. With all the mobility aids we have these days, it is much much easier to travel and enjoy. You just need to […]

Top 5 Mobility Aids for Senior Citizens

Victor Hugo once said, “When grace is joined with wrinkles it is adorable.” Indeed. But what is not adorable is weak bones and low muscle strength which can be common among seniors. This weakness can impact the independence of old people. Daily chores may suddenly seem difficult. You may feel tired after doing little tasks […]