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What locker codes are available in NBA 2K22?

Using the locker code and NBA 2K22 MT is the easiest way for NBA 2K22 players to get rewards. Every time 2K Games releases a new locker code, the reward will be different. Some people can even build an entire team based on the Locker Code package, which means they can get some good returns […]

NBA 2K22 locker code and season schedule

With the return of Michael Jordan Limited Edition Packs to NBA 2K22 MyTeam, more locker codes are available. They often provided it with the NBA 2K22 MyTeam card. The limited edition bundle now has a new code. With this code, it is possible to get those new Michael Jordan cards or one of the other […]

Michael Jordan Limited Edition Packs return to NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Michael Jordan is one of the latest NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards. In the past few days, NBA 2K has been releasing special time-limited packages. Game players can spend some NBA 2K22 MT to buy them in a specific window before they leave. Besides the gift packs, there are also some highly rated player cards, new […]

How do NBA 2K22 gamers get token rewards?

NBA 2K22 has undergone tremendous changes compared to the previous game version. The MyCareer mode adds a series of new features, challenges and tasks, completing these tasks can earn additional VC, NBA 2K22 MT and other in-game currency. The MyTeam model uses a series of new methods to promote development, purchase new players and ensure […]

Steps to get NBA 2K22 Token Rewards

Fortunately, NBA 2K22 gamers can easily get or earn NBA 2K22 tokens without spending money. One of the easiest ways to earn tokens is to play various MyTeam matches. For example, in MyTeam’s offline or online triple threat, each win usually rewards at least one token. Sometimes, when they win each time, they receive extra […]

Path of Exile Common Currency Types

Sometimes, players may also encounter silver coins. This is an item used as currency in Navali. In exchange for these coins, Navali will give you a prediction. When Navali is rescued from The Climb, players can find her in every town. This is an early task, so they will find her shortly after starting the […]

Useful Ways To Make NBA 2K22 MT

In NBA 2K22 MyTeam mode, 2K Games has added a brand new card grading service. This allows gamers to take cards from their MyTeam collection and send them to the “expert team” for scoring. This is like what people do with sports cards and comic books and other collectibles. When a card is sent for […]

Make More New World Coins Fast!

Amazon New World players can collect loot and sell items that may be useful to other players through trading stations. Those players who have a lot of surplus material resources in their hands are best to investigate which items in the player group are urgently needed, and then choose the most valuable items to sell […]

Basic knowledge of MyTeam for NBA 2K22 players

Card rating MyTeam mode is 2K’s way to match the ultimate team experience provided by Electronic Arts for its sports franchise. An important addition to NBA 2K22 this year is that you can grade your cards, which is consistent with the sports card collection craze that occurs in real life. Cards can get from 1 […]

People who want to play NBA 2K22 MyTeam can take a look

Dominate Domination Domination is a mode in MyTeam that allows you to challenge classic and modern NBA teams with different levels of difficulty. In NBA 2K22 this year, they did it, so if you beat the team on the highest difficulty, you can guarantee to get a player from that team as a reward. Domination […]