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Digital Marketing – Now Is the Time to Broaden Your Horizons

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly turned our everyday lives upside-down, especially impacting how we communicate, work, shop, and carry out other necessary daily operations. With the outside movements being full of risks and difficulties, work-from-home and easily accessible e-learning solutions are indicating a massive shift towards online platforms. Time has never been more ideal for […]

Is Fegon Group Legit

The emergence of e-commerce sites has made online shopping very convenient. You can purchase anything that you like or need in only a few seconds. The overall scenario is benefitting both the businesses and the consumers in various ways. In the global market scenario, the emergence of e-commerce has opened up enormous opportunities for online […]

Differentiate Your Brand Through a Better CX (Customer Experience) with these Methods

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most extensively discussed topics related to business. To provide up a better and more intuitive experience to the users, the companies worldwide are now shifting their marketing focus towards the user experiences. Recently, a survey showed that the companies are excited about the opportunities bought by the customer […]

How Employee Feedback Helps Organizations?

Be it a request regarding service improvement or a product feature, feedback is a valuable part of a business. They help businesses in understanding what is the requirement of their customers and then work accordingly. Like how an improved product or service delights the customers and makes them satisfied, the same way feedback plays an […]

Best Practices to Attract a Broader Audience on Instagram

Every month more than 3k people search for ideas on what to post on Instagram and how to increase post engagement. In this article, we have discussed some of the best practices that you should follow to reach a broader audience on Instagram. Make Sure to Post Only Quality Snaps & Video Clips With the […]

5 Best Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement

If your great posts are not reaching up to the expected amount of audience, or only a few people are visiting your blog or signing up to your newsletter, then don’t worry. We are here for you. In this article, we will tell you the best ways with which you can boost customer engagement. We […]

Testing Program Launch: A New Perk for YouTube Premium Subscribers

After Google, YouTube, the second-largest search engine, enabled its users long ago to try out its new features and products before the platform makes it live to a broader audience. However, recently YouTube introduced a recent change, where only the users who have subscribed to YouTube Premium service will be able to test its latest […]

Is SEO Copywriting Still Important?

SEO always manages to create lots of confusion, and that is the one thing that we can say about SEO with absolute surety. For instance, it looks like a lot of people formed their image of SEO about a decade ago, and they haven’t bothered changing it ever since with the advancements. Even the SEO pros with […]

Utilizing the Top 5 Types of Social Media Videos to Boost Engagement

Are you looking forward to making videos a part of your social media marketing strategy? A lot of brands have started using short videos for the promotion of their latest products/ services and engaging their audiences, and they have found it to be very effective. If you also want to implement a strategy like this, […]

LinkedIn Stories Launched in India With Other Local Additions

One of the most popular social media platforms, LinkedIn, has released “Stories” in India, enabling its users to share their day-to-day professional life moments and experiences with their connections and groups in a more informal, creative, and genuine way. With the launch of this feature, LinkedIn users will be able to post pictures and videos […]