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How to use a Trackpad or a Mouse with your iPhone & iPad

Apple has launched mouse support that comes with its latest iOS 13 version. After the introduction of this amazing feature, you can use your iPhone or iPad just as you use Mac at your home or at your workplace. This new feature is quite amazing, and the majority of users have started to like it. […]

How to use Hidden Web Browser on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a handy video game console designed and introduced by Nintendo. The gaming console was introduced in the year of 2017. Gaming enthusiasts prefer Nintendo Switch due to its several amazing gaming features. There is a huge variety of games that users play on their Nintendo Switch console. Net surfing is quite amazing […]

How To Customize Your Workouts On Apple Watch

Apple Watch is amongst the best gadgets out there to track your workouts. It offers several amazing workout tracking features, an accurate reading of heart rate; distance covered, burnt calories all on its small screen on your wrist. The device shows you these accurate metrics during your workout, and you can even change, hide, and […]

How To Customize Watch Styles & Colors On Apple Watch

Apple Watch comes with quite amazing features as its users already know. Besides its calling and messaging features, users get hundreds of different Apple Watch screen faces and colours which they can set according to their mood and outfits. Apple Watch users in the majority find these features quite amazing and attractive. Changing up colours, […]

How to Use Boot Camp Feature to Open EXE Format Files on Mac

Many users wish they could use the Windows app on their Mac. Both operating systems support a different format file. The apps run easily and instantaneously on Windows OS; you can’t run them on your macOS device or vice versa. But, apps and operating system developers found workarounds for this. There are many amazing Windows […]

How to Turn On VoiceOver on MacBook?

VoiceOver is a feature that helps visually challenged people to access their device. It can read out aloud what’s on your screen and also guide you about how to get something done on your device. If you own a Mac, then the good news is your device comes up with VoiceOver feature, and it also […]

How to View and Change a File Extension?

File extensions show which kind of app to use for opening the file. It refers to a three-digit code which is present at the end of the name of the file. At times, it may be hidden. If you want to change the file extension, then read on and learn how to do so. SOURCE: How […]

How to Use Photos App on iOS Devices?

Photos app is a great utility for organizing your photos and videos. With the help of this app, you can easily and instantly check out your image and video gallery. Also, the map view helps you to see your pictures spread out throughout the world. So, let’s get started and learn how to use the […]

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working?

Facebook is amongst the best and most used social media platforms across the globe. It connects billions of people around the world in one place. It has amazing features to offer to its users, including uploading of photos and videos. Users can easily connect with specific groups that provide information on the specific topics you […]

How to Post WeChat Moments Without Picture

What if you don’t want to include a picture on WeChat Moments? Does it sound impossible? Don’t worry; you can easily complete this procedure on your smartphone. Do you want to know how you can post WeChat moments without a picture? Then go through the instructions mentioned below. SOURCE: How to Post WeChat Moments Without Picture , Fegon […]