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Does sleep apnea impact your blood oxygen levels?

We all know the necessity of oxygen for the existence of life. It is one of the main elements that make life possible on earth. Oxygen keeps the energy levels high, aids in replacing old cells, assists immune functions and does a lot more. Still, most people fail to understand the need for oxygen to […]

How can you clean and maintain your CPAP machine?

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine makes it easy for sleep apnea patients to breathe through the night. The pressure maintained by the air pressure machine is just high enough to open up the airway and prevent its collapse. The device delivers air through a mask attached to your mouth and nose. It allows […]

What are the different types of speakers

Are you searching to buy new Speakers? These speakers have gotten to adjust in context in the way in which we listen music and other sound tasks. You can without much of a stretch associate these to your PC, iPad, Smartphone or anything other device that can stream music from a distance and you would […]

What are the reasons for excessive sleepiness?

You might have come across several people complaining about feeling sleepy all the time. They might even be drowsing off during the day because of excessive sleepiness or fatigue. EDS is quite common in the young population and happens at least three days a week in about 20% of the adult population. Treating or diagnosing […]

Natural remedies for a better sleep

If you are not getting proper sleep, it can affect your mental, physical, and emotional health. But are the number of hours you rest the only measure for adequate sleep? So, suppose, if you are getting seven to eight hours of rest at night, but your sleep is not peaceful, then will you feel tired […]

What are examples of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation?

Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation machine assists breathing in patients who cannot maintain an adequate supply of oxygen in their body, especially while resting. People with health conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or sleep apnea can be recommended to try NPPV by their doctors. To know more about this type of treatment, its purpose […]

How does non-invasive ventilation works?

For people with health conditions like sleep apnea or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, breathing independently can be a little challenging. Therefore, such people need ventilators that deliver oxygen into their lungs. While the invasive ventilators use an endotracheal tube that is connected to your nose or throat for this purpose, non-invasive ventilators do not use […]