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Will the hype stay with the NFT games?

The hype in the market for NFT collectibles is huge. But the recent news is all about a particular sport, Cricket. It is a game adored by the worldwide masses. But what about the huge lines they have to wait in just to have an autograph from their favorite sportsperson? Definitely not likable. What else […]

The App Store now allows NFTs – but at a hefty price

Ever since the NFT boom in 2021, a number of people have been looking into NFTs, exploring their potential. NFT gaming marketplaces, too, have been on an upswing with active users being undeterred even amidst the crypto clash. With this being the case, several big names have quickly jumped into NFTs. Apple, too, made a […]

A Short Insight On Metaverse As A Future Generation Technology

You know Facebook is now Meta, and we are now entering a phase where the future of the internet will be Metaverse. Metaverse is a new technology that is now attracting people with its concept of entering the digital world. It is bringing a new way of interacting with people and making the turn up […]

The Lay Of The Land: Real Estate In The Metaverse

It may seem plenty odd at first. Virtual real estate? Can that even make sense? How would that work? Well, with specks of the Metaverse already appearing, it’s only a matter of time before people would want their own land there. Several platforms, specifically, NFT gaming marketplaces like Sandbox and Decentraland, are already making it […]

NFTs, Metaverse, And The Future – Everything You Should Know!

Metaverse is a word that is getting popular day by day. From Elon musk and Vitalik Buterin to Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadela, everyone is interested in Metaverse. Metaverse is a Digital world now in the form of Metaverse NFT gaming platforms that are getting popular. Instead of you operating a 3D avatar to play […]

How Are Non-Fungible Tokens Making Their Way Into Social Media?

We all know the fact that NFTs boomed in 2021, invading every industry possible. Now, everything that needs to be unique can have NFTs replacing any digital file that has been in use traditionally. The NFT trading platforms have been active with a constant demand for NFTs with a whopping trading volume. The overall NFT […]

The Story Of How NFT Games Invaded The Gaming Industry

We know the popularity of games among kids, teens, and adults. Though games are meant for kids and teens, adults also enjoy them equally. Pay-to-play games or the traditional mobile and PC games we have are intended to give recreation and entertainment to adults. People pay for the in-game items that bring exceptional gaming experiences […]

How Are P2E Games Re-Emerging As The Next-Gen Games?

The recent fad that made the headlines constantly in the gaming industry is the inclusion of NFTs in video games. There were mixed responses from the gamers and game developers globally in this regard. The year 2021 was the best for the gamers who were involved in crypto gaming. Play-to-earn NFT games are something that […]

Debunking The Basic Element of a P2E NFT Game

Play-to-earn NFT games are the actual buzz in the gaming industry. Though gamers started their own new creator’s economy by streaming game plays, writing blogs, and many more, P2E games have opened a new mode of earning. These games gave an opportunity for the gamers to earn through NFT gaming marketplaces, rewarding through completing tasks […]

The Craze Of Digital Collectibles In The Gaming Community

Since the introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens, the value of Digital files was appreciated. This began the invasion of NFTs into almost every industry possible. Right from birth certificates, to NFT gaming platforms, the influence of NFTs is getting big and bigger every day. Not just this, but the useability of NFTs is also increasing every […]