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How To Fix “Problem Parsing the Package Error” in Android

The issue of parsing package is a prevalent error, and it usually arises when we want to install a new app on an Android device. This error is commonly seen in multiple ways like “There is a problem parsing the package” or “Parse error.” It’s not a new error issue and it prevents us from […]

How to Block Unwanted FaceTime Callers on iOS Devices

FaceTime is a video and audio calling service provided by Apple. It’s a great thing to connect to someone individually or in a group. It needs an internet connection to connect your call. You may use this feature on any iOS device or Mac. You may include multiple peoples in your FaceTime video calls. On […]

How to Lock Windows 10 Computer?

There are different methods for you to lock the Windows 10 computer. Locking your device is an excellent way to protect your important files. You should always ensure that you keep a strong password and lock it when not using it. Here is how you can do so. The method of locking the Windows 10 […]

How to Fix Error 5505 on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

If the error code 5505 shows up on your TV screen, then it means you can no longer play content from your Fire TV Stick. It is caused by several reasons, but Amazon has not revealed the exact reason for it. Many users are facing this error on their device, and it is annoying since […]

How to Fix Error Code 0xc004f074 on Windows 8 & 10

0x004f074 is an error code that generally occurs when you activate your Windows after upgrading to the latest version. Most of the users activate their Windows PC after upgrading from Windows 8 to 10. However, some users face issues in doing so and end up encountering the 0x004f074 error. If you are also facing the […]

How To Enroll in the iPhone Upgrade Program Trade-In

iPhone users have always been lucky since Apple introduced its trade-in policy. By using Apple’s trade-in policy, users can upgrade their current iPhone to a new iPhone. The plus is that users do not have to spend thousands of dollars on the exchange. The policy is quite amazing, and a majority of iPhone users trade-in […]

How To Link Your Microsoft Account With Movies Anywhere: A Complete Guide

Movies Anywhere is a digital movie library which provides movies with every genre. Users find content on Movies Anywhere quite interesting. Besides this, several users often wish to know how they can link their Microsoft account with Movies Anywhere after the application became compatible with Microsoft TV and Movies. Linking Microsoft account with Movies Anywhere […]

How to Fix Windows 10 Mail Error 0x85050041?

Microsoft keeps rolling out patches every week. For instance, it has the mail application on the Windows 10 device so that people can simply manage their mails. But as nothing is perfect, so does with this. It does comprise a few tech problems. Many of its users complain that the application is not able to […]

How to Connect and Use PlayStation VR on a Mac

A program called MacMorpheus can enable your Mac to connect and play 180/360-degree and 3D videos on PlayStation VR. Although the procedure for doing all this is a bit complex, few users found this trick helpful. For this, you will have to set the program up in your device and some fiddling in the connecting […]

How to Clear Application Data and Storage Space in iOS?

App data takes up a considerable amount of storage space. If your storage is getting full, and you want to make some space, then remove the app data. Go through the process of clearing application data on iOS devices. Remove and Reinstall an Application If you want to remove and reinstall an app, you need […]