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The Economic Dynamics Of SMBs After The Pandemic

Pandemic has brought sales and businesses on their knees. The changes are immense and forced the world to emerge into newer operations and opportunities. Small, medium, and even large businesses are all experiencing challenges. To explore the SMB (Small and Medium business) manufacturing of post covid & issues; you must foremost comprehend the extent of […]

Post Pandemic SMB Manufacturing Trends For Staying Afloat

When the pandemic hit the world, not just human beings but everything around them started falling apart. Even a year after, small and medium businesses are still witnessing their toughest phase of the decade so far. However, larger organizations have stuck to the standard methods of manufacturing and operations. Besides that, the big companies are […]

SMBs Opting For Digital And Technology Driven Approaches

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) make the world’s 90% global companies and speak volumes when adding to the workforce. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the global economy has been shaken, and SMBs are suffering the maximum. Therefore, to survive this damage more than 2000 small and medium businesses moved to digital technology. However, most of […]

Change in the Digital Market Over the Decades

Digital marketing brought a revolutionary change for brands, businesses, and companies of all sizes. The rise of digital advertising brings new trends every decade, and it is crucial to stay abreast with them. However, digital space requirements are very dynamic, and falling short may result in losing the market. You can either hire a digital […]

Applications of Big Data

Big Data refers to the huge storage which deals with large amount of information data in form of structured and unstructured data. The increase in technology yields modern services such as E commerce, cloud based services but at the same time has huge impact on business controls. Organizations are facing many challenges in terms of […]