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Name: Jesse Sun
About Author: CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd, founded 1998, mainly researches & developes, and produces ozone generator, which is widely used in industry, commerce, agriculture etc, with two production bases, located separately in Pingxiang, where we have 2 ozone professionals, hardware processing, assembly workshop, fly back transformer and circuit board processing workshop and about 50 employees. Currently CE's products, including air-cooled and water-cooled ozone generator, ozone output from 3g, 5g, 10g......, to 100g, to 2000g/hr, to 50kgs/hr, along with ozone mixing system, are exported to Italy, Spain, Germany, US etc. more than 20 countries and regions. With the mission of "making healthy life within an reach", “CE” is committed to realizing the vision of "the first brand in the environmental protection industry. Mission To be a guarder for green earth Product Ozone generator, oxygen generator, tail gas destructor, ozone mixing systems including compressor, freezer dryer, absorption dryer, filter, non-oil filter, presicion filter, and fine bubble air diffuser, MBR, blower, dryer etc Product application Setrilization & Disinefction, Water treatment, effluent treatment, air purification, space and surface's sterilization, removal of odor, etc. Certificate CE/GS GB/T2001-2016 idt ISO24001:2015/ISO9001:2015 CE-EMC:BSTXD201215667108EC CE-LVD:BSTXD21011566808SC RoHS:BSTDG201215683711CC Http://

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How to make a lot of ozone to disinfect in certain time for industry?

As we know, ozone as a kind of green disinfectant is widely used for the following many aspects, ① drinking water, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, swimming pool water treatment and hospital sewage treatment; ② air sterilization and disinfection of raw materials, processing equipment and venues in medicine in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Cleaning […]