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Benefits of a white label ad server (part 2)

In our previous article, we mentioned how a white-label ad server can help strengthen your brand and grow with your business. We will continue in this article to discuss more about how you can get more for less using a third-party ad serving solution with private labeling functionality. Cost-effective One of the biggest benefits of […]

Benefits of a white label ad server

A white label ad server is a type of software that allows businesses to host and manage their own advertising campaigns, while still using the existing and proven infrastructure and technology of another company. White label ad servers offer many benefits for publishers that want to monetize their traffic through advertising and advertisers that want […]

Problems with a low click-through rate

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a metric that measures the percentage of users who click on an ad after seeing it. For example, a 1% CTR means that there are about 10 clicks for every 1000 impressions. A low CTR means there are ad impressions but only a few clicks. A low CTR can be a […]

Basic ad serving metrics: conversions and events (part 2)

In addition to impressions and clicks, conversions and events are two other important metrics that you should track when evaluating the performance of your ad campaigns. Conversions Conversions refer to the number of times a user completes a desired action after clicking on an ad. This could be a lead, a purchase, a registration, or […]

Basic ad serving metrics: impressions, clicks and click-thru rate

Ad serving metrics are essential for measuring the performance of your digital advertising campaigns and understanding your audience’s behavior. Impressions, clicks, click-thru rate, conversions and events are some of the most common ad serving metrics that every marketer should know and understand. In this article, we will provide an overview of these metrics and explain […]

How to set advertising rates

Setting advertising rates is an important task for publishers that want to monetize their traffic through ad serving. Whether you are selling ad space on your website, in your email newsletters, or through other channels, it is important to set rates that are profitable and competitive, while also taking into account the value that you […]

Finding the best ad server for your website

Choosing the right ad serving vendor for your website can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for managing multiple advertisers, maximizing your advertising revenue and providing a seamless user experience. An ad server is a technology platform that manages the delivery and tracking of digital advertising campaigns. It enables publishers to manage and serve […]

How to find advertisers for your Roku video channel?

It is exciting knowing that you can have your own video channel on Roku, which is a popular video streaming platform. Many people using a Roku-enabled device can turn on your channel and watch what you publish. It is even more exciting when you know that you can monetize your Roku video channel with ad […]

How to monetize your Roku channel (part 2)

The increasing number of video streaming channels now makes it possible to advertise in countless new places and reach new audiences, which is good for both advertisers and publishers. If you are interested in video streaming, then it might make sense to create your own Roku channel as a publisher. The viewers who add your […]

How to monetize your Roku channel

The Roku platform is a popular streaming video service that provides over-the-top content across various Internet-connected devices. There are Roku-enabled TVs, Roku sticks for regular TVs, and Roku app on smart phones. It is an easy-to-use media player with a huge library of entertainment and other video content. As of January 2023, Roku has over […]