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UPS Load Bank Test and Testing Of Generators Bring Confidence on Your System

UPS System Main purpose of UPS (Uninterruptable Power System) is to provide power back up for few seconds to few hrs, when the power goes off from the grid. UPS system cannot support the heavy loads for cooling or motors. UPS is used for short term requirements and testing battery capacity for holding charges is […]

Things to Know About an AC Load bank

Everything happening in the world today say starting from switching on a fan or a light till the technology advances rely on one basic thing, power. It is needed for peaceful happening of events at a daily pace. But power cut prevail in most parts of the world making it hard for people to have […]

Resistive & Reactive AC Load Bank for more power supply

The resistive and reactive AC load bank gives the assurance of the power supply when the put goes cut. In this situation the experts recommend this highly as it is very much effective for the temporary use. These banks are come in all sizes and shapes from 10kW to 6000kW. And it builds to your […]