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How to Delete App Icons in Mac’s Dock

The Dock’s motive is to provide an easy method to start your favourite applications. Mac’s dock offers you an animated taskbar, and it comes with the latest version of the Mac operating system. When we move an arrow with the Dock, then the icons appear on a large screen, and it makes a different result. […]

How to Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

Windows Defender provides the users with free protection for securing their data on their system. It keeps the system data away from attacks and cyber theft. Window Defender remains turned off till you again start the system, and there is an option of stopping the Windows Defender from enabling automatically. Make sure that in case […]

How to Download iOS Applications From the App Store

When you purchase a new iOS device, the first thing you want to do is to download the applications from the App Store. With every application, you can perform different works. The typical applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat you will install them all in your phone. There are many other applications you wanted […]

How to Install MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 public beta 1 for Mac

MacOS Mojave is available as an unrestricted beta for the subsequent age of Mac software. For some years now, Apple is availing public betas for MacOS. It is primarily for those who are interested in trying out upcoming software. Directly download MacOS Mojave beta and install it further. Although it isn’t a very complicated process, […]

How to Fix PXE-E61 Error Issue

Errors such as PXE-E61 are concerned with Preboot Execution Environment. Some of the motherboards support it. It is a fantastic boot mode that allows the computer search. With its help, you can look for and load the bootable operating system. It is quite common to confront PXE-E61 error. Very often it is because of misconfigured […]

What To Do First After Getting A New iPhone?

Got a new iPhone and getting confused about what to do next? There are plenty of things that should be done by you, and it is pretty simple to do as well. Let’s start! This blog will help you out with the primary things that should be done with your new iPhone. So read it […]

Top 4 Ways To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Nowadays the starting from adults to kids everyone is aware of all types of gadgets and its uses, especially the newer generation. The kids not just only get smart classes but even get their personal gadgets at home for doing their work such as completing homework, writing essays on MS Word and also for making […]

Resident Evil 2: How to Obtain Unlockables In RE2 Remake

Capcom’s latest addition in the Resident Evil video game series has revived the craze amongst the fans and gamers to relive the Zombie apocalypse. With the latest Resident Evil 2 remake, players can now play this apocalyptic game multiple times, as this new remake provides players with different scenarios and new campaigns. Similar to the […]

Resident Evil 2: How to find and complete the Sewers Chess Puzzle

The new Resident Evil 2 remake is the latest addition in the RE series, and although it has a unique storyline, still the basic concepts are inspired by the previous additions. Similar to the older Resident Evil 2, players have to solve various puzzles to continue with the campaign in this remake. Some of the […]

How to Manage Files, folders, and other documents in Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is almost similar to other cloud file-management service just like Dropbox, but besides this it also lets you access your MS Office files. If you haven’t managed your OneDrive account storage, then it gets complicated for you to find a file stored in OneDrive storage.   So, here is how to manage files, folders […]