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How to Keep Your Apple ID Secure and Protected

If you have ever lost your Apple ID, then you must know the horror of it. Even if you have never faced it yourself, experiencing so could prove to be lethal as your Apple ID is connected with everything. It can be something personal like Calendar, Mail, or Remainders, etc. or it may be a […]

How to Keep Using Time Machine When the AirPort Time Capsule is Disconnected?

The AirPort routers by Apple brought a huge change in the world of backups. Time Machine allowed users to back up their data automatically. This allowed people who did not have much technical knowledge to take backups. However, Apple does not make Time Capsule anymore. If you still want to continue using Time Machine, then […]

Guide to Using Widgets on iPad in iPadOS 13

In iPadOS, the older Today View has undergone minor changes. It can now be accessed from the Home Screen. Users can pin their favorite widgets there. These widgets will appear on the left-hand corner of the iPad’s Home screen. If you are wondering how to use widgets on your iPad, then read on. Adding Your […]

How to Begin a Trainer Battle in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon GO now allows users to participate in Trainer Battles. This allows players to combat with teams assembled by them. In this blog, we will discuss the process to start a Trainer battle in the game. Users may battle against the Trainers who are in their vicinity. They can also battle with their friends. To […]

How to Cancel an App Store or News+ Subscription?

Apple offers a number of subscriptions. For instance, it can be iTunes Match, Apple Music, or Apple News+. These subscriptions are paid, and you may want to stop them for some reason or the other. Here’s how you can cancel the subscriptions to News+ and App Store. To cancel an App Store or News+ Subscription […]

How to Create playlists in Apple’s Music App?

Apple Music is in trend nowadays, and it has billions of users around the world. Several iOS users often ask how they can add music in the Apple music app on their iPhone or iPad. Adding up music in Apple’s music app is as easy as it sounds. If you want to add up your […]

How to Fix ‘accelerometerdll.DLL was found’ Error

Many users are getting the ‘accelerometerdll.DLL was found’ error continuously on their system. Some of the users are complaining that they are getting this error when they try to launch the Microsoft Edge or any other third party browsing application which uses the accelerometerdll.DLL on their system. Do you want to fix this error? Then […]

How to Fix Kodi Not Working on Windows

When Kodi is not able to launch the Windows, then this means something is wrong. The Kodi not working on windows error will occur while updating Kodi or Windows to its latest version. Some users are facing this issue when they have installed particular add-ons. In this article, you will get different methods to fix […]

How to Link and Manage a LinkedIn Account with Twitter

LinkedIn is a networking site that is specially made for professionals and businesses. LinkedIn allows users to connect with businesses, groups, industries of their interest to find the right job or business opportunity.  Along with this, it also enables users to contact their co-workers. You can also connect your other account with LinkedIn, such as […]

How To Make Your Smartphone Faster By Limiting Background Process Limit

Several smartphone users complain about the slow functionality and low performance of their phones. Many factors can be responsible for the issue. Besides this, there is one of the biggest factors that slows your smartphone performance and reduces its functionality and that is background running process. Several applications and programs you use on your smartphone […]