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Best Magento Extensions to Increase Your Sales

The Magento platform is a leading open-source platform that has made tremendous progress over the past few years. Magento users are probably aware that the default Magento setup does not provide any extensions for online stores. As a platform, Magento does not provide ‘the complete solution for every business.   Best Magento Extensions to Increase […]

Best Magento 2 Extensions for eCommerce

The Magento platform is known as one of the most powerful and reliable eCommerce platforms. It is preferred by businesses of all sizes and fields to make their online stores successful. There are two versions of Magento, but Magento 2 is the most commonly used. An online store, it offers the best extensions and themes […]

Change the order number’s prefix of a specific store

Some merchants want to customize order numbers or invoice numbers to be different than what Magento 2 produces by default. Because of the limitation of order numbers in default Magento 2, many merchants are finding a solution to make modifications to order number. Each order in your Magento 2 gets a unique number. It starts […]