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iPhone 14: The Most Awaited Gadget of 2022

The iPhone 14 is coming; Apple won’t want to miss a holiday sales opportunity. It’s still a ways away, but an early rumor is four new iPhone 14 models will arrive later this year, including a higher-end model without a notch. Facts to be Known About iPhone The iPhone is a smartphone generated by Apple that was introduced on […]

How to Use Chromecast Without Wi-Fi?

Introducing Chromecast and Its Working Procedure You can understand Chromecast as Google’s line of streaming dongles or devices. Streaming devices can be defined as the hardware that connects/adds to your TV and internet, permitting you to stream and cast content such as music or movies on your Television. Models of Chromecast There are presently two types of […]

How to Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 10

File explorer is commonly known as windows explorer. It offers a graphical user interface and very simple or easy access to manage files saved on the entire computer, such as the library, the desktop, the system partition, and even innovative properties. Almost all Windows users open the file explorer to manage all their files. Your […]

A Complete Guide to Clear Cache in Any Browser on Any Platform

Clearing your cache is the most straightforward all-purpose fix, along with resetting your device. It can fix the random freezes, lags, and crashes, and it will quickly free up storage spaces. Most people never do it, so here we will show you the complete process to clear all your caches and how you can manage […]

Where to Find the Stored Google Chrome Bookmarks?

You must know the fact that Google Chrome Bookmarks can be stored. But where? While using Google Chrome, you must have tried many things, done many searches, and found the correct website with informative details. At that point, you just have come across a thought of saving or bookmarking that website to utilize it somewhere in the […]

How to Get the Classic Start Menu in Windows 11

What is New in the Start Menu in Windows 11? Interestingly, the Windows 11 Start menu is a bit different from the menu in Windows 10. As you must notice, pinned items are shown at the top with all the others accessible via an All apps option. Suggested and newest items are on at the […]

How to Use Alarms in Windows 10?

In the last century, people utilized conventional alarm clocks; however, they have become outmoded these days. Presently, people use smartphones and their computers to set up an alarm. Windows 10 allows setting the alarm with many additional characteristics, such as a stopwatch and timer, which are very useful. Alarms play a crucial role in the day-to-day […]

Android 13: Google Latest Operating System for Smartphones

Last year when Android 12 was introduced, it was a massive update to all the favorite smartphone operating systems for an extended period. And the same was attended by its minor/small tablet-focused release, Android 12L. All this does not leave much space and time for the upcoming release, Android 13, which was just introduced in […]

How to Boost Data Transfer Speed in External Hard Drive?

If you frequently experience slow data transfer speed or the procedure gets paused many times while transferring or copying items to and through your external hard disk drive, then you need to go through this post. This guide will explain some easy solutions to boost data transfer speed in an external drive on your Windows […]

Compatible Browsers for Large Files on Windows

The current developments in the digital field have made the downloading of massive files a little challenging. Earlier, this process would take hours and be exorbitant, but with current improvements, users can now get the same quantity and quality videos in a few minutes or even seconds.  As it’s true that many traditional web browsers […]