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Name: PILMMA Law Marketing
About Author: Providing POWERFUL and INNOVATIVE training and tools that help lawyers achieve their ideal practice. The brainchild of attorney, Ken Hardison, PILMMA will help you scale your law firm for greater growth and success through membership-based opportunities.

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Top Management Strategies for Law Firm Owners

While many law firm owners will remain unmovable, locked into yesterday’s image of a law practice, you have the opportunity to make a pivot: You can capitalize on this changing dynamic by creating a workplace and positions that accommodate the Millennial and Gen Z mindsets. If you want to attract and retain young lawyers and staff, you […]

Top Investments in Q4 to Maximize Your Return and Minimize Your Risk

Top Investments in Q4 to Maximize Your Return and Minimize Your Risk from Kenneth Hardison on Vimeo Watch this video if you re looking for investment ideas in Q4. The broadcast is now starting. All attendees are in listen only mode. Good afternoon, everyone. This is Eric with Elma. Welcome to today’s webinar. We have with […]

Law Firm Management 2022

Best Practices for Remote Law Firm Management 2022 During the Height of the Covid Pandemic, many law firms across the country became 100 remotely operational. During the Height of the Covid Pandemic, many law firms across the country became 100% remotely operational. Law firms realized they could remain highly functional and productive while operating thanks to high-speed […]

You should not like your law firm’s website

Imagine that you’ve invested your money in marketing your law firm. You decide to revamp and launch your website. You pore over the relaunch documents, make sure it looks good. The designs come back, and you choose the one you like, you like this color, don’t like that one, and after 4,000 more edits, the […]

5 Red Flags to Watch Out For: Is Your Agency Measuring Up?

Red Flag #1: Set It and Forget It Some agencies operate by buying media once a year, using long-term contracts. They run the same creative or rotate spots in the same schedule for the entire year. This is a branding strategy and used mostly by companies not measuring their costs of response, leads or cases. […]

How Keywords Optimize More Than Just Rankings

By doing so, you can almost guarantee solid rankings for keywords and thus optimize the added value to all your firm’s content. According to Moz, when someone is searching for something, usually these searches fall under one (or more) of the following four categories: The informational search intent One of the most common searches. Involves […]

Roadrunner Law Firm, woman-owned Attorney firm in Albuquerque

Hi, my name is Eva Blazejewski? This is my partner, Heather Hansen. We have a two-attorney firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we have been open for four years now. We started the SAC program about three months ago, and it was really to get organized and, have some structure to our marketing plan and […]

4 Simple Steps to Tighten Your Law Firm’s Processes & “Lean” Into Increased Income

The “Lean” management methodology is all about continuous improvement. It was popularized by Toyota and other manufacturers, but can be applied to any business – even those that provide services, such as law firms. It recommends focusing on your firm as a system and prioritizing waste elimination, client focus, and continuous process improvement. By focusing […]

Why Your Law Firm Needs Client Video Testimonials

Hiring YOU is the most important decision a client will make in their lives. You already know this. But do they? Think of everything that can come between a potential client and your law firm. The roadblocks, the insecurities, the competition. What matters most to a person who is hurt, scared, and looking for guidance? Over the […]

How Is Voice Search Relevant For Law Firms?

Since voice searches are longer than written searches, your business must include long-tailed keywords and keyword phrases. For example, a person searching for a family law firm might write, “divorce lawyers Illinois” and if they’re using voice search, they might say, “Hey Google, what’s the legal grounds for divorce in the state of Illinois?” Another quick note […]