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About Author: Plutus Health Inc. offers revenue cycle management solutions that’s create a unique process that combines machine learning and robotic process automation to rectify the client’s most frustrating problems. The company can help you to boost your clean claims percentage and maximize revenue with end-to-end solutions.

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What is the Procedure for Billing for ABA Therapy?

Is your applied behavior analysis (ABA) practice suffering from claim denials and delays? Lapses in ABA therapy billing—such as using outdated codebooks, upcoding, unbundling, undercoding, failing to obtain prior authorizations or referrals, or inputting the wrong patient identifier—can negatively affect the financial viability of your practice. Billing errors may not seem like a big deal, but […]

5 Critical Things to Know About ASC Billing

An ambulatory surgical center (ASC) uses a unique billing process. It is different from what physicians, surgeons, or hospitals use.   Whether you’re new to ASC billing or improving an existing process, there are things you should know about it to ensure compliance with filing requirements while avoiding costly delays and errors. Consider ASC billing services to eliminate the […]

What are the 3 Phases in Revenue Cycle Management?

Is your healthcare practice collecting promptly and sufficiently from insurance companies? If you’re having payment issues and your revenue cycle management isn’t as cost-effective as you hope, you might need to step back and analyze your current system. It’s also important to take time to understand the three phases in RCM for healthcare so you can identify opportunities and […]

Medical Coding: A Critical Role in Healthcare Today

Medical coding and billing are important for healthcare providers to get paid for the services they render. They are also crucial for tracking medical data and providing accurate information to patients. Any inaccuracies can lead to overcharging or undercharging, denial of insurance claims, and even fraud.   Medical coding translates medical procedures and diagnoses by healthcare […]

How Artificial Intelligence in Medical Billing is Shaping the Future of Medical Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be a significant scientific and technological advancement as it simplifies problem-solving and helps boost productivity. Computer-assisted robots and computers with AI can perform repetitive and daunting tasks while requiring minimal, to no human intervention. Thus human workers can focus on complicated functions that require creating, planning, and conceptualizing. AI continues […]

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an ABA Therapy Billing Company

Insurance billing for ABA (applied behavior analysis) is often challenging for most therapists. There are many codes to track, with modifier variations and the POS based on provider credentials, state, plans, and telehealth-related guidelines. Each state has different protocols and portals for Early Intervention Programs (EIPs) and Medicaid. That’s why discerning therapists outsource their ABA therapy […]

Why is Proper Medical Coding in RCM Solutions Necessary?

Medical bills can run high. With so much money on the line, you want to ensure that your practice generates accurate medical bills to encourage prompt payments and avoid denials. Revenue cycle management or RCM solutions can help by providing proper medical coding.   How common are medical coding and billing errors in the industry? For starters, […]

9 ASC Coding Mistakes You Should Never Make

The healthcare process involves different stages, with multiple people working in each stage. From the initial appointment to the payment collection stage, mistakes are bound to happen and can result in financial losses for the practice. Out of the many processes involved, medical coding tends to be prone to errors, specifically in ambulatory surgery center […]

Why Do ABA Providers Need ABA Practice Management Software?

ABA software solutions promise to make your practice much more efficient. But do they work? And does your practice need one?   The short answer to both questions is yes. As an ABA therapist, you need a dependable practice management solution to help every aspect of your practice. Make sure that it can tackle your daily […]

Top Billing and Collection Practices for ABA Therapy Centers

Whether you’re a solo BCBA or work with multiple therapists, you should always try to improve your billing and collections processes. There are many resources online that can assist you to begin, but they would not provide you with accurate information. To help you save time and eliminate the guesswork, here’s a list of best […]