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Industrial Fires – 5 Important Tips to Prevent Them

Industrial fires are all too common and can result in catastrophic losses in terms of both money and lives. According to research, a large portion of these fires can be traced back to a handful of preventable mistakes. To help businesses avoid these mistakes and to promote safety throughout all industries, we’ve compiled the five […]

Why Is Your Water So Murky? Here Are 3 Possible Causes

If you’ve noticed that your water has been looking cloudier than usual lately, don’t fret! That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with your plumbing system; it could just be due to one of the many factors that can cause turbidity in water. Learn more about turbidity and its causes right below. What Is Turbidity? […]

How to Buy the Best Calibration Gas – A Beginner’s Guide

Buying calibration gas can be an expensive and confusing task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the industry and terminology. To ensure you’re making the right choice and getting the most value for your money, here are four things to consider when buying calibration gas in Australia. Know What Gas Detector You Use: Most gas detectors will […]

Major Causes of Industrial Fires and Tips for Prevention

Industrial fires occur in every industry, resulting in massive financial losses and worker injuries or fatalities. In fact, more than 600 of these fires happen each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. To prevent industrial fires, it’s essential to understand the major causes that spark them. Learning about the major causes of industrial […]

All You Need to Know About Infrared Gas Detectors

Industrial fires and explosions can kill and injure people, costing government companies billions yearly. Fire accidents can happen for many reasons, but prevention is key to avoiding such disastrous events. While many prevention measures exist, infrared gas detectors are superior in deterring fire accidents in various situations. However, it’s important to understand how infrared red […]

The new age in Flame Detection

In a hazardous environment like a petrochemical processing plant or an oil and gas facility, failing to detect gas leaks can result in catastrophic events. That’s why industries involved in processing, storing, manufacturing, and transporting flammable materials rely on fire monitoring systems to prevent workplace fire accidents. Principles of Flame Detection – How do they […]

All IR gas detectors are NOT the same!

Gas detectors play a significant role in the health and safety system within the workplace. Be it a personal gas monitor or fixed gas detection system, these systems help to combat the threats from hazardous and potentially lethal environments. Simtronics Unique Technology: Simtronics Infrared gas detectors are incredibly unique with features not available in other IR gas […]

Why You Should Have Spark Detection Systems in Your Facility

One of the biggest dangers to people working at construction sites are sparks that can create fires in seconds and destroy both lives and property. Luckily, there are spark detection systems to help keep you and your employees safe from fire outbreaks by sensing sparks before they have time to spread. Here’s what you need […]

The Importance of Turbidity and Why You Should Measure It

Turbidity describes the cloudiness or haziness of water and can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on the environment, as well as human health. In water testing, turbidity can be an important indicator of water quality. But what is turbidity? Why should you even care about turbidity? Here’s everything you need to know about turbidity […]

4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Calibration Gas

All calibration gases are not created equal, even if they do look the same at first glance. When choosing your calibration gas, it’s important to understand the various types of gases and what each one can do for you in order to find the best option for your situation. This information will help you choose […]