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Digital Water Flow Meter: Types and Applications

Digital water flow meters are of enormous value in Industry. This tool sets the base of various industrial methods as these methods are crucial to uplift both technology and lifestyle. Hence, it is vital to be very careful while picking the proper water flow meter for liquids because they have broad and critical usage.  In […]

A detailed article on 100 Series Flow Switches

Proteus industries seek satisfied customer flow measurement products that meet exceed specifications for the quality system. How it works The rotor spin of liquid flow through the body’s sensor has a magnetic rotor created on the voltage coil conducive to maximum magnetic immediate adjustment of your coils. The amplitude of the induced voltage is proportional […]

Plasma Cutting- Process and Equipment Considerations

Through the mode of an accelerated jet of hot plasma, the plasma cutting process is done by electrically material. The materials cut by plasma cutter are torch, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Plasma cutting is often used in welding shops, automotive repair and restoration, and construction companies. Due to its accuracy and lower […]

Why Plasma Cutting Is The Best Metal Cutting Method?

As we all know, metal is a super powerful substance usually seen in our everyday lives. Most of us don’t realize what these companies, most building companies, have gone by to find the best plasma cutting system to manage their work terms. One of the most basic cutting methods is Oxy-fuel, which applies acetylene gas, propylene, LPG, hydrogen, […]

What is the Working Principle of a Mass Flow Controller?

A mass flow controller is an automated device that controls the rate of flow of a gas or fluid as per the set values of flow rate. It operates through an electric signal and remains unaffected by the change in the air pressure or other factors. Flow rates can be divided into two categories: volumetric […]

A Complete Guide On Digital Flow Meter And Its Types

Accuracy is what many users point to when regulating flow rate in liquids. Calculating flow is vital in many methods used at home or in many fields. Some of the areas where it is used involve plants that exclude dirt from water, RO water, irrigation in agriculture, sites that provide drinking water, and many others. […]

Procedure and Functioning of Paddlewheel Flow Meter

A paddlewheel flow meter, also called a peloton flow meter, insertion flowmeter, or inline flowmeter is a robust mechanical flow meter. Most of these flow meters are fitted with a digital screen to display flow. The flow meters consist of three basic parts vital to giving an accurate flow rate: a pipe fitting, a display […]

Different Types and Uses of Industrial Coolant Flow Meter

Specifically, it is used to estimate the current rate in industries and keep a low temperature in the fluid to evade heating. The coolant flow meter is essential in areas where hot gas and liquid make most of the measured fluid. Hot fluid can weaken pipes and lead to damage if one mixes with the pipes without […]

Need to Know About an Accurate Liquid Flow Indicator

The liquid indicator is a device that converts the impeller’s rotations into actual data. The main element of the hand is used as an impeller with blades. The device is used to counts the revolutions and converts them into the essential fluid. We take more than 50 hours researching the different liquid flow. Therefore, when […]

What are Liquid Level Indicator Switches and their Types?

Many times, firms require a liquid level indicator switch. You can use the waterflow switch to detect the levels of a liquid. Also, you detect the contact line of liquids that cannot mix, or a solid and a liquid. They are useful in heaters and furnaces, flow line monitoring, home appliances, etc.  Many liquid level indicator switches […]