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What Does A Solid Corporate Message Include?

Having a positive reputation for any business is very crucial. With the rising competitiveness of the market, a good reputation provides you with an edge. Other things like your services and characteristics can get duplicated, but public goodwill is the unique selling point that no one can take away from you. A positive reputation changes […]

Role Of Campaign Messaging In Winning Elections

Elections are all about winning. There is no consolation prize for the runner up. People and history always remember those leaders that win. Today, elections have come a long way from a one-sided win to a completive contest. This shift has happened owing to the rising penetration of the internet that has made voters aware […]

Why Is Consumer Research Necessary?

What is a communication campaign without its audience? You may come up with the most creative campaign idea and an award-winning marketing strategy, but all of it works only if you understand who your audience is. How well you know your audience decides how successful your communication campaign will be. Several companies have spent years […]

How Are Crisis Communication Strategies Helpful?

A crisis strikes anytime. Your business would be doing well, and suddenly, a crisis halts everything you have earned and built. Globally, there are no boundaries where the news can travel at lightning speed. It blows everything out of proportion before you can even get a chance to grasp it. This puts your company’s reputation […]

What Do Reputation Management Consultants Do?

A positive reputation is the best asset a business can hold. It is a key element that helps a business draw in sales and builds a trustworthy brand name. But maintaining a positive reputation may seem daunting amidst the search results. Modern digital media has undoubtedly opened a flood gate of business opportunities and made […]

6 Steps In Crisis Communication Planning

You live in a world of social media activity, customer empowerment, and easily accessible and shareable information. Therefore, companies must constantly be aware, vigilant, and empathetic to keep up with that world. You should be aware of any theoretical crisis occurring and empathetic in delivering a response. Outlining and preparing a plan reduces the response […]

What Is Campaign Messaging?

Political campaigns depend on a cohesive campaign strategy and core message to attract potential voters and appeal to the target audience. Whether a candidate runs for a nationwide presidential or local congress campaign, crafting a campaign plan to convey a clear message is essential. Campaign messaging is the overall image, narrative, and ideology that a political […]

How To Monitor Corporate Reputation Campaigns?

The first step involved in making your brand a customer favourite is tracking the online presence and monitoring its reputation. You also need to consider other relevant information that impacts your brand. Only then can you measure the impact of online presence and transform those inputs into actionable steps. Corporate reputation campaigns enable brands to be […]

How To Manage Corporate Reputation?

Corporate companies’ reputation is very significant during business deals or press conferences. You get recognised because of your business and relations with major stakeholders, opinion business leaders, largest customers, current potential employees, and suppliers. If companies create and protect their identities in the market, they likely receive more customers and preferences than other businesses. Corporate […]

Why Do Reputation Management Experts Matter?

Earlier, people who had a poor experience with a brand usually informed only a few close friends about it. However, the emergence of online communication platforms has changed the way companies manage their reputation. Since it is highly fragile, you need to safeguard it. Social media lets anyone post their reviews and feedback on your […]