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What Is Campaign Messaging?

A campaign message is the all-inclusive image, description, and philosophy that a political campaign is trying to convey on behalf of a candidate. Campaign messaging is the strategic implementation of the candidate’s message through all ways of communication available to the campaign. Categories of messaging can include specific or implied arguments and differences; understandings into […]

How To Create A Crisis Communication Strategy?

Nowadays, social media platforms are allowing people to speak their minds to a large group of audience. The days where brands can stick their head in the sand and hide away from crisis are gone. No organisation is immune to problems, mistakes and critics, and though larger brands face flack the most, all companies should […]

Why Does One Need Public Advocacy?

Advocacies encompass wide range of activities which influence the decision-makers. Advocacy involves traditional activities such as litigation, lobbying, and public education. It also includes capacity building, forming networks, and development of leadership. Lobbying means activities that are intended to influence a piece of legislation. Why support public advocacy? NGOs play a vital role in the […]

5-Easy Steps To Build Corporate Reputation

Are you aware of customers and potential customers think of your brand? Whether you are a restaurant chain or a hot tech start-up or an agency with an array of clients, it is essential to understand what they say and think about you. No matter how strong your products are, they are only as good […]

How Does Reputation Management Help Political Campaigns?

Everyone partially agrees that politicians in India are particular about their online reputation and have stayed away from making controversial posts online. However, since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India, all these have changed. There are a whole lot of politicians who are doing well on social networking sites, especially Twitter. Politicians are taking […]

Why Is It Necessary To Hire A Reputation Management Firm?

The reputation of a business is crucial, and that goes without saying. As long as the business maintains a good reputation amongst existing as well as potential clients, they can continue to progress a peaceful manner. In today’s digital era, companies must know what the customers are talking about their work. Depending on what the […]

How Has Technology Improved Crisis Training?

In this fast-moving digital age, several companies are still dealing with analog approach when a crisis arises. They use hard copies and tabletop exercises to tackle the next potential emergency. This makes training employees particularly difficult. This is because the threats as well as the business are growing and evolving with time. It is next […]

What Is Advocacy? Its Types Explained!

Imagine you are in a market to purchase a new smartphone. You look at different brand advertisements and choose a phone that offers not only amazing features but also a data plan with unlimited talk time, text, and data for an attractive price. Exciting, right? You sign up and start using your new phone. Next […]

6 Tips To Effectively Manage Workplace Crisis Communication

Although it is easy to prepare for some crisis such as a mass layoff, it is difficult to anticipate some scenarios. You can, however, prepare how well to communicate about the crisis to your internal as well as external stakeholders. The moment you begin training the internal team, check what to communicate before, during, and […]

Is Your Business Experiencing A Crisis? Include These 5 Elements To Your Plan

The moment you hear the word crisis, what comes to your mind? Most of you might be considering natural disasters such as cyclone, tsunami, earthquake, something that brings devastation and destruction to an area. But there are other types of crisis as well that arises owing to different events such as existential crisis, human-made crisis, […]