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How Has Technology Improved Crisis Training?

In this fast-moving digital age, several companies are still dealing with analog approach when a crisis arises. They use hard copies and tabletop exercises to tackle the next potential emergency. This makes training employees particularly difficult. This is because the threats as well as the business are growing and evolving with time. It is next […]

What Is Advocacy? Its Types Explained!

Imagine you are in a market to purchase a new smartphone. You look at different brand advertisements and choose a phone that offers not only amazing features but also a data plan with unlimited talk time, text, and data for an attractive price. Exciting, right? You sign up and start using your new phone. Next […]

6 Tips To Effectively Manage Workplace Crisis Communication

Although it is easy to prepare for some crisis such as a mass layoff, it is difficult to anticipate some scenarios. You can, however, prepare how well to communicate about the crisis to your internal as well as external stakeholders. The moment you begin training the internal team, check what to communicate before, during, and […]

Is Your Business Experiencing A Crisis? Include These 5 Elements To Your Plan

The moment you hear the word crisis, what comes to your mind? Most of you might be considering natural disasters such as cyclone, tsunami, earthquake, something that brings devastation and destruction to an area. But there are other types of crisis as well that arises owing to different events such as existential crisis, human-made crisis, […]

A Definite Guide To Choosing Reputation Management Services

Holding a positive online image is crucial for businesses to succeed today. Bad PR, terrible reviews, and negative social media posts can potentially end your business. Considering a lot of companies’ image relies heavily online, they are switching to online reputation management services and software to boost online personas. These services will remove harmful online […]

4 Attributes Of Crisis Communication Support To Make Your Life Easier

When you start a firm, there will be scenarios that demand prompt redressal. In such cases, you need to formulate proper communication plan. It can assure the shareholders that their authority and interest in the firm is not open for any compromise. There are plenty of firms and individual specialists who offer their services to […]

Understanding The Requirements Of Public Advocacy For Your Firm

The whys and wherefores  To understand the dynamics of public advocacy, let us consider an example: One major brand selling carbonated drinks holds a campaign for road safety. They are taking a stand against the issue while promoting their brand alongside. Such brand campaigns create a positive impact on the mind of consumers, and they […]

5 Crucial Responsibilities Of Corporate Affairs Advisory

Effective corporate reputation management can push trust on your brand and give its product line a consolidated pool of consumers. A good reputation of the brand and company will have positive outcome in the market. Corporate affairs planning is critical to direct the resources available with the firm to a common goal. It is formulated […]

5 Ways To Manage Corporate Reputation In An Organisation

It is quite a task to foresee the inclination of a customer towards a product and the uniqueness it brings to the market. The buyer has the option of choosing from different brands and with so many products available in the market, it is quite a task for a company to make the customer trustworthy […]

4 Different Cases When Reputation Management Is A Necessity

It is crucial for people at the top of the hierarchy to know how to maintain the reputation of the company. In the time that we are living in, media has become more active than ever. The availability of high-speed internet is the reason why people are hooked on to social media platforms. A lot […]