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What are the Ways to Promote Your Brand with a Hand Sanitiser Stick?

Hand sanitisers play a key role in our lives today, more so than ever. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of hand hygiene has increased immensely, and so have the sales of hand sanitisers. Wherever you go, whether it is a grocery store, restaurant, or office, you can find people carrying hand sanitisers.   […]

Top 5 Promotional Products in Australia in 2022

Perhaps you’re a business marketer looking for the best promotional products in Australia or a start-up entrepreneur looking for a way to promote your brand. Either way, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 promotional products in Australia for 2022.   Anti-bacterial wet wipes   […]

How to Attract More People Towards Your Brand with Promotional Drink Bottles

Promotional drink bottles are practical gifts. This makes them an excellent way to market your brand. The ever-growing mountains of single-use plastic water bottles being thrown away each year are taking a devastating toll on our oceans and natural environments. The best way to combat this waste problem, which also happens to be one of […]

Is Promoting in 2022 Using Hand Sanitisers with Carabiners a Clever Idea?

The end of the coronavirus pandemic is slowly but surely approaching. But this isn’t the time to be complacent. As of 2022, Australia has recorded over 10 million cases since the start of the outbreak. Businesses are still taking measures to ensure that their customers are healthy and safe. Using hand sanitisers with carabiners for […]

How to Use Printed Golf Umbrellas as a Promotional Tool Effectively

There’s no doubt that using posters, flyers, and billboards can bring more attention to your brand. But there’s just one problem: Almost every other business is doing the same thing. So what can you do to stand out from the rest? You can’t go wrong with printed golf umbrellas if you’re looking for a unique […]

Different Ways to Market Your Brand with Promotional Apparel

Is promotional apparel worth the investment? Custom clothing is slightly more expensive than promotional materials, and many businesses will understandably go for cheaper options. But using them can allow you to stand out from the crowd, attracting a wider audience for your brand. How to use promotional apparel to your brand’s advantage Understand your target […]

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Cheap Promotional Umbrellas

You can use almost anything as a promotional product. Pens, notebooks, and even coffee mugs are popular among customers of all ages. However, if you’re looking for something a little more versatile and long-lasting, a cheap promotional umbrella is the best way to go! Finding the best cheap promotional umbrellas for your business Promotional umbrellas […]

How Can a Hand Sanitiser Stick Boost a Business’s Ratings Amongst Customers?

What’s the most effective way to boost your business ratings? How can you encourage your customers to write 5-star reviews about your company? Hand sanitiser sticks might just be the answer.   The advantages of using hand sanitiser sticksas promotional tools for your business   How exactly are hand sanitisers supposed to help boost your […]

Different Ways in Which a Branded Hand SanitiserCan Be Used for Business Promotions

Everybody appreciates a thoughtful gift. This is whybranded hand sanitisers are some of the best promotional items to give away during this time, as people are becoming more careful about their health. They are inexpensive, easy to use and promote good hygiene. Hand sanitiserscan be given out at trade shows, conventions, company events, and more. […]