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Author Nick: Riococo
Name: Rio coco
About Author: Established in 2002, RIOCOCO is one of the major Coconut growing media manufacturers from Sri Lanka. It is recognized as one of the foremost soilless growing media manufacturers in the region and also as the highest quality single origin growing medium supplier in the world.

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Coconut Coir Bricks Can Be a Great Addition to Traditional Growing Medium

Coco coir, aka coconut coir, is one of the great additions to the traditional medium, for example, when you use coconut coir bricks that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, and iron are found too. Coconut coir bricks are the best because of its high water retention capacity. It […]

Pros of Growing Hydroponics Greenhouse Vegetables Using Coco Coir Grow Bags

Coco coir grow bags are quickly becoming the most popular medium of cultivation using by hydroponic growers all around the world. Coco coir is an organic medium. It offers excellent water as well as O2 retention, and it also provides for quality root structure and plant yields. Coco coir grow bags is also a great […]

Coconut Coir Growing Medium: The First Choice for Hydroponic Growers

The benefits of using coconut coir growing medium for hydroponics are many. It is also known as coco coir. It is an organic product derived from the coconut tree. It is a fiber sourced from the coarse tough and dense husk inside the coconuts. Coco coir is very popular with a wide range of consumers […]

A Handy Guide to Hydroponic Gardening with High-Quality Coir Substrate

Since the traditional medium is not employed in hydroponic systems other substrates are mandatory for flowers, herbs, or vegetables to build up and endow with an anchor for their root system. These growing mediums need to be static so that they do not have an effect on the nutrients in the water solution. These mediums […]

Five Advantages of Growing strawberries in coco coir: Explained!

Coco coir also known as coconut coir is high in lignin. It is an organic compound that helps in the development of beneficial bacteria that in turn minimize the propagation of harmful ones in the media. Many strawberries growers believe coconut coir is one of the best mediums for cultivating strawberries. Research shows that growing […]