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Pros and Cons of using hair gel you should know

Hair gel is the most common styling tool used by everyone. People use it to help keep each hair straight, prevent flyways and look the way you want. If you are thinking of adding hair gel to your daily hair care routine, know about the pros and cons of using it.   PROS-   Control your hairstyle   […]

Skincare Regimen to follow to get rid of dry skin

A consistent skin care routine is essential to keep your skin looking strong and healthy! Say goodbye to your dry skin and set up a skincare routine that will give your skin what it needs when it needs it! Through this article, we provide you with a comprehensive skincare routine to help you get rid […]

Best skin bleach for a bright looking face and saying bye to dull skin

Say “No” to facial hair and “Yes” to glowing skin!   It is true; skin colour does not define beauty, but no one likes dull skin!   Facial hair is the nightmare of most Indian women and getting rid of it might often seem challenging. Every woman thrives on looking her best every day. Most women especially do not welcome facial […]

How to use body lotion to hydrate your skin?

As we moisturize our face with massage creams or face creams, we should similarly moisturize our skin. Moisturizing is possible when we use the right skincare product like a natural body lotion. But even if we make the right choice for a body lotion, the actual question comes, how to use them? Various environmental factors such as hot showers and cold snaps can make your […]

Hair straightening Cream for Smooth & Silky Hair

The secret to having good hair every day is a hair straightener creams. Apply some to your frizz and make your locks appear sleek and glossy. You can also use a hair protection cream to give your hair some definition and bounce.  Oxyglow Cosmetics One of the best website for buying hair straightening cream   What is […]

Pamper your hair with a hair serum

Struggling with frizzy hair is a daily battle. Bringing your hair back to its regular form after all that frizz can be unpleasant and time-consuming. Continual exposure to pollutants, filth, and dust can cause frizzy hair. Even the sun’s rays might cause harm to the hair’s core.   As a result, hair serums exist to rescue you from all […]

Get rid of tan with D tan face pack

Dark spots, skin dullness, pimples, many things are taking over our faces. Moreover, one of the main problems we suffer today is not having even skin tone on our face. This leads to many skin irritations and problems. Such problems come with not having a skincare routine for ourselves. By saving a 5-minute skincare routine […]

Getting a gold facial kit? Here is all you need to know!

The gold facial is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of your skin. They are regarded as one of the greatest on the market for providing the best benefits to users. Fortunately, we now live in a time where gold facials are not just reserved for celebrities and other well-known figures […]

A face gel and its uses

Oxyglow is known for its affordable and good quality skin and hair care products.    A recent addition to the family of products is the face gel. A face gel is a perfect moisturiser, especially for the hot and humid Indian climate. A face gel Is lightweight, non-sticky and hydrating.   One of the most found ingredients in […]

The types of facial kits suitable for different skin types

There is no better way to pamper your skin than getting a facial. A facial not only releases the stress of the day but also improves skin health. Most of the time we find ourselves searching for the time to go to the salon to pamper ourselves. Enter a facial kit. These kits are affordable […]