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How To Completely Disappear Online?

Are you tired of embarrassing things that show up when potential recruiters look your name up? Sick of your lenders knowing where you live? Perhaps it is time to begin anew.  For whatever reason, you’ve decided to obliterate your former life, suspend all ties, and delete yourself from the internet. For regular people, disappearing online […]

Apple’s Major Decision Confirmed by New iPhone Leak

Now this year, Apple is set to sacrifice the quality of screen for margins on iPhone portfolios. The newest reports from the supply chains and analysts recommend that one of the Cupertino-based company will choose cheaper LCD screens for the latest iPhones which expected to release in September 2018. That’s the grand news for the Apple’s fans, but […]

Expected Features Of Microsoft Office 2019

Tech giant Microsoft is geared up to launch the most recent update regarding its latest version of the productivity suite, Microsoft Office 2019, towards the end of this year. Certain organizations will be able to preview the applications now in order to test out innovative features, and users can sign up to be one of […]

Microsoft Office 365 Users Experience Outages Across The UK

Users of Microsoft Office 365 experienced several outages on June 15. Tech giant, Microsoft verified that it was encountering problems that seem to be particular to users in the United Kingdom. The Office 365 outage comes several days after Microsoft experienced authentication problems which locked out several hundreds of users across the globe. Office 365 […]

New Methods To Tackle Pervasive Cybersecurity Threats

With the so many cyber threats lurking presently, all the accounting firms must have an information security policy in place, even if it is at a fundamental level, as per IT consultant and managing director of IntrapriseTechKnowlogies Donny Shimamoto, who appeared at the AICPA Engage 2018 conference held in Las Vegas, USA. Even though a […]

MysteryBot Launches Banking Trojan, Keylogger, And Ransomware

An innovative type of Android malware fuses a banking trojan, a keylogger, and ransomware and delivers it to unsuspecting victims. The security researchers at ThreatFabric, a security company, discovered this malware. At first, it seemed that this malware is an updated variant of Lokibot. However, the security researches are calling it a new kind of […]

How to Share OneNote Notebook During a Meeting

There is no doubt that OneNote is an effective and popular application of Microsoft for presenting one’s ideas, lists and save important information in a single place. It has a good capability to collect all of the data to make notes and also share it on the internet. OneNote 2016 is an original version of […]

Touch Bar Support Is Now Available For Office 2016 for Mac

In the year 2016, Apple has announced the latest version of its MacBook Pro, some of the most thrilling new features were turned out into the Touch Bar. It is a very small touchscreen area which is under the main screen which can be used in combination with the keyboard to perform numerous tasks. Microsoft doesn’t take […]

Yahoo Messenger Services Shutting Down Next Month of this Year

In previous times, Yahoo! Messenger was the most commonly used platforms for communication, but some more vigorous and modern options like Facebook Messenger and more other live chat plug-ins have reduced its demand. As such, now the company has decided to discontinue the services of Yahoo Messenger. Some innovative and rapid changes in the communications […]

Yahoo Hit With £250K Over 2014 Hack

Approximately £250,000 has been fined to Yahoo by the UK privacy regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) following a 2014 Russian state-sponsored attack which effected in the compromise of almost 500 million accounts. The incident was reported two years later by the internet pioneer that led to the compromise of above 500,000 UK accounts of Yahoo. It involved […]