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How to Sync Your Data on iCloud

iCloud is a handy application for the iPhone users to have a storage of their pictures, dates reminder, occasions reminder, videos and many other important documents. For using iCloud, you have to first create your account by entering your full name, username and password. After that, your pictures, video, and essential documents get secured automatically […]

How to Gain Fan Following on Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging website which is simple to use and attractive. By making good content for your blogs and posting it twice a day, you can gain more fans in your Tumblr blog. You can ask your friends or relatives to give promotion to your blogs; you can interact with more peoples so that […]

Tips and Tricks to Turn Off the Outlook Message Preview

Microsoft Outlook provides a nice preview window which helps a user in many ways like easy access to their send and receives emails. Still, sometimes a user may not want a preview default settings and may desire to remove or turn off the message preview. You can utilise the View menu option to turn off […]

Fortnite: Weapons that Got Knocked out of Fortnite before January 2k19

Fortnite has been around since 2017, and it has introduced gamers with a new and exclusive battle royale style game for players around the world. And oh boy! It really has stood out to be on the top amongst similar game styles, but in its long journey, it has experienced a lot of ups and […]

How to uses Graphic and Animation for Outlook Signature

Microsoft Outlook email signature is mostly all text with a variety of colours and fonts, but by adding an image, it can become a presentable document to share. Outlook mostly is used for office purposes and requires informative content which can describe your designations and about the company. If you add a logo of your […]

Google Assistant Will Soon be Coming to Sonos

Two years ago, much of the delight of people, Sonos made an announcement that it will soon be providing voice assistant technology in its products. It promised Google Assistant integration with Sonos speakers. While the Amazon Alexa integration was rolled out, customers were still excitedly waiting for the Google Assistant integration. Sonos and Google have […]

Top 3 Tips for Securing your Chromebook

Chromebooks are equipped with several layers of protection. This layered protection works amazingly well to keep all the information and data stored in the device securely. In the coming time, Chromebooks will get added protection with the addition of USBGuard. This will restrict access to the USB portal when the Chromebook’s screen is not unlocked. […]

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows Supported Laptops

Videos are the best tool for auditory and visual effect learners. Screen recording software can create screenshot video clips to showcase your skill while playing games or filming music videos in simulation games. These can be employed to record the product reviews, to display tech support if there are recurring problems in the system, to […]

Best Translator Apps for Live Camera, Offline Text & Voice Translation

When we come across the term “Translation”, then we think translation can be done with ease. It might be easy for human beings, but for machines, it is not the case. Translation kind of thing is invented by the much effort of research and development team, and it takes several decades to go with AI […]

How to Secure Your Network for Security

Where the technology continues to progress rapidly, the direct monitoring begins to be outdated. When this system does operate, it is better for having a dependent software to examine your network. It is easier to examine the performance and network appliances through the monitoring software. As we know the necessity of having high-quality performance essential […]