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How to disable, install, recover, and remove apps on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch allows you to install and access many third-party apps on it. You can use the automatic app install feature of Watch app to download apps on your Apple Watch and also install the app manually. Here is how to disable automatic app install, add new apps manually, and remove apps on Apple […]

How to disable Bixby on Galaxy S and Note

Bixby is the AI assistant of Samsung just like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. With Bixby on your phone, you can complete most of the everyday tasks without doing a touch. But sometimes in Galaxy S8, S9, Note 8 and Note 9, the Bixby key is pressed accidentally and Bixby will launch unnecessarily. […]

How to Keep Your Facebook Safe and Secure?

Have you been depressed lately and posting a lot about yourself on social media? Are you used to sharing every small stuff on Facebook? You have come to the right place if it is the scenario. Facebook is pleasure giving, undoubtedly it is. Through this one can easily stay in touch with their classmates, relatives, […]

Guide to Stoping iMessage Notifications on Mac

You use a Mac and an iPhone to sign into iMessage. Now the messages can be received and sent directly from your laptop. You will not at all need your iPhone for communication. However, owning an iMessage is really useful on Mac. It can be annoying if you continuously receive new messages notifications. It can […]

Guide to Using Amazon Prime?

“Amazon Prime” is a subscription of membership that is being granted by the famous online retailer website called “”. The members receive discounted shipping, free shipping, etc. They can also download and stream video, music, books, audio books etc. Basics of Amazon Prime To acquire a membership, start by signing up for a trial of […]

What Are the Best Applications for Google Pixel

Google Pixel is a device which is developed by Google. This is a phone which has a high dimensional screen which has an Android OS system. When you are new to Google Pixel phone, then there are many things you should know about it. It has a display of five inches on the front with […]

What Are the Benefits of Antivirus Software

Antivirus is a protection software for your system which controls and manages the network and system to manage its security.  Antivirus software makes sure that there is no malware present on your system. It helps you protect your personal information social networking password saved on your browser, bank transaction, cards details on any websites, etc. […]

How To Troubleshoot The iPad Black Screen?

Many people come across the problem of black display in their iPad. They complain that their iPad is not responding at all to any touch input. This blog can be helpful if you are also going through this problem. Here’s the way of solving the problem of black screen. The Power Switch It may seem […]

Tips and Tricks for Making the Most Out Of AirPods

Nowadays, everyone always has a pair of earbuds or earphones with them. They prefer listening to songs while traveling or while cooking. There are many people who like listening to songs while studying. But it gets very annoying when the normal earbuds need to be changed again and again because they stop working as they […]

IT tools that are changing the future of health care

Information technology is playing a crucial role in every field and making a recognizable difference. Healthcare sector is not untouched with the intervention of IT. Records and trends are showing a considerable improvement in health care facilities after the association of information technology with it. Now, hospitals and doctors are saving more lives in comparison […]