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How to Save Your Emails to Google Drive

If you wish to store some emails of your Gmail account or mail attachments to Google Drive because of backup, security and sharing reasons, then you can do so by using your Gmail account. The Gmail emails and any attachments can be saved to Google Drive without closing the emails webpage. All the emails of your […]

How to Read Mobi Files on iOS device

You can read the MOBI files on iPhone or iPad with the help of the Kindle application and MOBI reader. You can easily open, view and read MOBI files by following the instructions mentioned below. Note that this procedure is only for iOS device users who wish to read the MOBI files. Steps for Reading […]

How to Recall an Email in Gmail

Did you send en email by mistake? Do you want to recall an email sent from Gmail? Well, the good news is that you can easily do it. Follow the steps mentioned below and unsend Gmail messages. Steps to Recall an Email in Gmail on Desktop •    Go to the “Gmail” on the computer. Click […]

How to Control Melissa Smart A/C with Amazon Alexa

Now use your small smart assistant to control your Smart A/C. In previous years, ACs have got some new smart technologies. These include voice control, climate control, auto turn on/off, and many advanced features. These Air-conditioners are called smart ACs. These ACs are enabled with connectivity features and can connect with the home network to […]

How to tweak light, color, and B&W with Smart adjustments of Photos

Now, adjust light and color of your images without using any external Photo editor app. Smart adjustments in the Photos app of your iPhone or iPad lets you edit and enhance your images. Not just lighting or coloring your pictures, you can convert it into black and white, adjust brightness, warmth, and much more with […]

How Helpful Is Cortana?

Some people do not know that Cortana is a virtual assistant and is one of the best features of the devices with Windows 10 operating system. It is available on computers, Android, iOS, Windows cell phones, Xbox One, Windows Mixed Reality and so on. The presence of Cortana in the life of Windows 10 users […]

The Best Ways To Protect A Folder In Windows

Do you want to protect a folder from others? If yes, then go through this blog carefully. Maintaining your personal data private in Windows is very important. In this blog, you shall find a few ways by which you can keep your folder safe from other people. Top methods of protecting a folder in Windows […]

How to Fix Steam Broadcast Not Working?

Steam Broadcast is a Steam feature which lets you broadcast gameplay independent of any other software. It needs a PC that has a good speed internet connection. Generally whenever a Steam Broadcast stops working the culprit is the system or the network hardware issue, Steam settings or else with Steam software itself. Here are the […]

Tekwire | 8444796777 Internet and Network Security

Internet and Network Security | As new cyber threats and network vulnerabilities emerge, it’s difficult to keep up. It’s especially hard to predict where the next cyber attack will come from, what form it will take, and which security tactics will be effective against it. The resources and vigilance it takes to protect a network are […]

How To Use Do Not Disturb On An iPhone?

Majority of the people has cell phones because it hardly has anything about which it can’t make you aware, and that’s the primary thing people love about it. But sometimes a couple of people likes to skip from it as they get a bit annoyed with it. Are you among one of them? If your […]