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To Turn on Firewall in Mac

Apple’s Mac has a firewall in it, but like Microsoft Windows, it is not enabled by default. Firewall becomes a guard to our system protecting from the threats of viruses and malware. You might be wondering why you need a firewall in your system. Well, the answer to the question is that it monitors and […]

How to Enable Take a Break Feature in YouTube

Google, previously this year, released a feature called Take a Break during its annual conference. It announced a Wellbeing Initiative which enables the users to determine the time spent on their phone and YouTube. The ‘Take a Break’ is an initiative to warn the user in the middle of the video streaming hopefully resulting in […]

How to Deregister and Reset Amazon Echo Dot

Do you wish to sell or gift your Amazon Echo Dot to somebody? Or are you using someone’s used Echo Dot, and you want to deregister it because it is still registered to the previous owner? Before you sell or give away your Echo Dot, you need to remove it from your Amazon account and […]

How to Restore Messages from iCloud

Text messages are one of the most convenient and budget-friendly ways to keep in touch with people. Some messages bear importance, and they may be work related, or a romantic message from a loved one, or a list of things to buy. Often, essential and cherished texts get deleted by mistake. Or sometimes only after […]

How to Find the Available Space in Hard Drive

Today, the programs and the applications require larger space in the computer. It is necessary to regularly check the available space in the hard drive of a computer. But the procedure to check the space differs from version to version in Windows. In Windows 7, 8 and 10, the steps are very straightforward than others, […]

Cisco to Buy Cybersecurity Firm Duo Security for $2.35 Billion

Cisco System Incorporation revealed on Thursday that it would buy Duo Security to expand its cloud computing. The company is trying to transform itself from its long-established business of making switch and routers to cybersecurity and cloud computing. Several companies are looking forward to deals like this to expand their cybersecurity offerings. Last year, Cisco […]

How to Sign Out Of Messenger on iOS Devices

Did you go through every nook and corner in the Messenger application to find an option for signing out, only to come out empty handed? Facebook’s Messenger app does not offer a direct way to log out of Messenger. If you want to switch accounts or log out from one without having to uninstall the […]

Why and How To Set Up A PIN Lock on Windows 10

With every version of Windows that Microsoft rolls out, we see better and more sophisticated features which increase the user experience in various dimensions. Windows 10 is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds because of several factors including improved security features. In Windows 10, the users have the option to add a PIN to unlock […]

Protecting Cell Phones from Cybercrime

In today’s world when everything is digitalized, crime also has attained a new face. It is not just about the crime on roads today, but it is also about the threat on your devices. “Cybercrime” is the term used when we talk about any criminal activity done using or with technology. As the time is […]

Chat Rooms Come to Reddit, And they’re About What You’d Expect

From the previous year, Reddit has been in the beta-testing community-based chat rooms with a preferred number of users. Eventually, the beta-testing reach across different groups on the platform, and recently, the largest internet’s forum hub made its endeavors more public with a blog post explained that what it anticipates to achieve with the latest […]