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Everything You Need to Know About USB Cables

We all have a drawer full of different types of cable, adaptors and connectors for mobile phones, TV, laptop, and more. One of the most popular cables that everyone has is a USB cable. Almost all chargers and connectors have ports. There are various types of USB cables, USB adapter, and connectors in the market […]

Audio and Video Cables – Explained

Electronic devices have evolved so much in these last 50 years, so have the cables that go for connections. Sometimes dealing with older versions of cables can be confusing because nowadays we have only one cable for audio-video transfer where earlier it was three. But if you have devices from the past or if you […]

5 Tips for Choosing and Managing Data Center Power Cords

Power Cords can make or break your electric system. Hence, choosing the right cord is inevitable. There are various things you must keep in mind before you purchase the power cords for your data center in order to avoid any failures later on. Let us have a look at them one by one. Know the […]

3 Main Types of Power Cords Everyone Must Know

People all over the world use electricity, but the power cord used is different in various countries. If you are unaware about this fact and try to use the electrical equipment in those countries that use different power cords then it can damage your equipment or result in an accident. Once you know types of […]

5 Types of USB Cables Everyone Should Know

USB cables are everywhere! We use it for charging our mobile phones, transferring files from mobile to computer or vice versa, or for streaming the data on TV. The USB cable comes with almost every device we purchase these days. But the issue with these cables is they are often shorter in length which makes […]

What are Ethernet Cables and What do they do?

All of us have seen the gray (mostly) cables connected to the CPU in school computer labs, in the office you work, or at your home. These are called Ethernet cables that provide an internet connection to electronic devices. But what is in it that makes us choose ethernet wires? What goes inside it? How […]

How to Set Up a Stereo System at Home

We all were stuck in our homes during the Covid-19 lockdown and to kill time OTT platforms became our savior. Binge-watching our favorite movies, and series or playing video games had become an everyday routine. The feel of watching movies at the theater was something that was missing at home. However, to have a theater-like […]

Top 7 Computer Cables That Are Used Inside and Outside of a CPU

We are moving towards an age where people are using laptops and tablets more than the computer system. But we have yet not given up using a computer system. There are certain professions that still prefer a system like IT companies, government offices, schools, etc. Talking about computer systems, one of the key challenges that […]

Basics of Ethernet Connection Everyone Should Know of

We all use internet connections. And for your internet connection, there are various things that you will require. For example, router, ethernet cables, modem, etc. Today we will talk about Ethernet cables and types of ethernet cables. First things first. What are Ethernet Cables? An ethernet cable is a cable that runs from a router, […]

Why Using Extension Cords is Beneficial?

In our everyday life, we use electronic devices to simplify our work in various ways. There are numerous advantages that electronic devices offer us. But to make them work, you will require power cords, sockets, and connections. But what if you want to place multiple devices in the socket, one for charging, another for starting […]