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About Author: Smoker's Outlet Online is your one-stop destination to buy smoking-related products at affordable rates. Established in 1997, today the site has gained a renowned name because of their quality services. Whether it is pipe tobacco, cigarette rolling machine or blunt roller, you can get everything at Smoker's Outlet Online.

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Going Nicotine-Free And Other Tobacco Tales

Have you ever tried snuff or smokeless tobacco? If you have, have you ever tried tobacco-free snuff? The type that comes with food-grade ingredients that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) won’t mind you having. The pulverized leaves are of similar consistency as ground tobacco leaves. Few snuff blends contain zero nicotine. There are even […]

You Can Have Your Cigarettes Just The Way You Want

Tobacconist Magazine says roll-your-own (RYO) is the tobacco industry’s most prolific segment of the tobacco industry. There are between 2-4 percent of cigarette smokers in the United States who roll their own smokes. That amounts to around 2.6 million people. For many of these smokers, the switch is due to the exceedingly high taxes on […]

Why Buying Cigars Online Is A Good Idea

Cigar brands are a dime a dozen. Everyone, including you, wants that cigar blend that tickles their dearest fancy. The only issue is, all cigars are not born equal. More than that, where you buy your cigars matters. Your cigar vendor should care enough about what you want to smoke, as much as they care […]

What You Need To Vastly Improve Your Smoking Experience

Smoking is a thrilling adventure. The typical avid smoker seeks the highest possible experience. Every time he inhales, it’s like he’s exploring more sacred parts of his being. It’s easy to get maximum satisfaction whenever you smoke. Let’s review some of the techniques any smoker can use to benefit the most from their smoking expedition. […]

The One Thing You Should Know Before You Light That Cigar

“If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go.” Those were the words of world-famous actor, Jack Nicholson. He spoke them when he switched from smoking cigarettes to smoking cigars, and they reflect his conviction that cigars are infinitely better and safer than the former. Of course, cigars represent class and style to […]

The Complete Cigar Smoker’s Toolkit

Smoking is a deliberate passion. The avid smoker knows to equip himself with the finest paraphernalia for the utmost satisfaction in tobacco. He knows he has to keep his smoking kit clean, and his prized cigar safe from humidity and the elements. Humidors Plenty of humidity does not bode well for tobacco products, just as […]

The Case For Atomizers, Pipes, and Rolling Your Own

Vaping continues to win more hearts across the smoking universe. Understanding your vaping device contributes to your overall positive vaping experience. More than that, it is of high importance. If you come to terms with the critical components of your device, you would be able to care for it and maintain it properly. You would […]

Tasting and Rolling Your Own Tobacco

Simply known as a pipe, a tobacco pipe has a simple purpose – for smoking tobacco. Pipes have evolved over the centuries to suit the preferences of each era. Pipe smoking is the oldest form of traditional tobacco smoking known to man. A smoking pipe is not a sophisticated device, and it has a chamber […]

More Accessories To Relish Your Smoking

If you’re thinking of a timeless experience, it would be to roll up some fine herbs with tobacco and just puff. How about just picking up that discreet device and just helping yourself come to a much better place with every drag? Those who participate in the ritual of hand-rolling their cigars have the option […]

Going Lean: Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

You may have heard of any one of these terms: RYO, MYO, roll-ups, rollies, bingie, burns, hand-rolled cigarettes, rolls, and lickies. They all mean the same thing and refer to roll-your-own cigarettes. These are cigarettes you make from rolling paper and loose tobacco. You can buy roll-your-own products as tins of tobacco or in pouches. […]