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Difference:- Repo Rate Vs. Bank Rate

The economic system in India comprises a large number of monetary tools that govern financial policies. While one helps maintain the inflation in the country, others help to keep the balance among various sectors of the nation. RBI, the central bank of India, regulates the financial tools.  In the banking sector, other than terms such […]

8 Reasons to Choose SBI Housing Loan

Often people wish to own a house in their preferred city, but their account balance and their dream don’t align together. Due to financial crunch, their dream recedes underneath the carpet. SBI provides home loans to the ones willing to own a house. The facility of home loan under SBI home loan is considered to […]

Affordable Home Loan interest rates, post RBI rate cut

Getting a home loan sanctioned is a huge relief for a homeowner. But at times, the steep home loan interest rates make it quite demoralizing for many people to apply for a loan in the first place. This is why SBI home loan interest rate cut brought happiness to many people who can now afford the home loan […]

Checklist for Buying Land/Plot In India

Buying a plot of land is an exciting proposition. However, it is unusual, as most people prefer buying villas, apartments, or row houses these days. If you are among the few who want to buy a piece of land and develop it your way, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. From […]

Benefits of Loan against Property

When you want to avail a loan, there are various types of loans that are available in the market. Some loans are purpose specific loans like home loans, education loans, car loans, etc. while others are multipurpose loans. Personal loans are the best examples of multipurpose loans as they can be used for any financial […]

How Home Loan Balance Transfer can Benefit You

What is a home loan balance transfer? A home loan balance transfer is an option that allows you to switch from your existing home loan to a new home loan when you find any reduction in the rate of interest due to the fluctuation in the market conditions and the lending rates. When a home loan […]

Which is better: Home Loan Balance Transfer or Home Loan Top Up?

Home loans provide you with an easy source of finance to buy your own home. You can even avail a home loan for buying a plot of land and then construct your home as per your tastes and preferences. Besides providing you finance for your housing needs, home loans also provide you with two additional […]

How Does The Pre-Approval Process of Mortgage Loan Works?

Mortgage loan as the name suggests is availed by mortgaging your property (residential and commercial). If you are looking for a quick and easy approval of your mortgage loan, then you can go for a pre-approved loan process. In a pre-approved mortgage loan, banks and NBFCs approve your loan on the basis of your income […]