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Ad serving strategies for a post-pandemic world (part 3)

The world is moving away from the lockdown mode that we experienced so many times during the past couple of years. This sounds like great news and we are all happy that the horrible experience is pretty much in the rearview mirror. However, it is followed by new challenges that people have to deal with. […]

Ad serving strategies for a post-pandemic world (part 2)

After the pandemic, inflation surged to a level that we have not seen in decades. As the world economies slow down, it is a good idea to prepare your digital marketing for this new environment. Being prepared not only helps your company survive but also gives you an advantage over your more naive competitors. People […]

Ad serving strategies for a post-pandemic world

We just went through the peak of a very big pandemic, one in the history book. It affected and is still wreaking havoc across the whole world. While COVID is still very much part of our world, we have reached a point where things are about as close to being back to normal as possible. […]

Effects of high interest rate on advertising (part 2)

We just experienced an unprecedented pandemic and we are still working through its consequences. Because inflation is going through the roof everywhere, governments around the world are tightening the money supply. The good time is basically over for easy money. It is much more expensive to raise capital now. Both companies and consumers are very […]

Effects of high interest rate on advertising

We are in rather troubled financial times, with inflation and interest rates going through the roof. That has made things rather tight for consumers and businesses alike, with everyone keeping a rein on their finances until things begin to level out. Businesses still have to deal with rising expenses, which include getting the word out […]

Serving ads for investment and insurance advertisers (part 2)

Risk is everywhere and for that reason, there are all kinds of insurance products available for purchase. The most popular ones are car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and liability insurance. Also because of risk and uncertainties, it is wise for everyone to evaluate suitable investment products for their future. In our previous […]

Benefits of ad serving for real estate agents (part 2)

Real estate agents are experts at marketing and they understand the importance of online marketing. When serving ads online for their properties, they can achieve low cost and high reach for their ad campaigns. Additionally, there are other benefits that online advertising can offer to real estate agents. We will continue to discuss some of […]

Serving ads for investment and insurance advertisers

When you think about the essentials in life, you immediately think of things like food, clothing, and a roof over your head, as well as a way to get to and from where you need to be. A downside of some of these essentials, specifically for a house and car, is that insurance is required […]

Benefits of ad serving for real estate agents

When you think of advertising, you tend to think of large, well-known corporations hitting the internet to broaden their marketing horizons. The reality, though, is that online ad serving is perfect for businesses big and small, from large chains all the way down to individuals looking to grow an online business or even sell a […]

Stagflation effects on online advertising (part 2)

In part 1, we described the term stagflation and what governments around the world are doing to prevent and control it. We will continue to discuss its effects on advertisers, publishers and the whole online advertising industry in general. Power of promotions During a stagflation period, inflation runs high while the economy growth is slow. […]