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5 Things You Can Expect from OnePlus in 2021

In the year 2020, OnePlus released so many smartphones, but all of them are not qualitatively great. It feels like the company was focused on quantity and not quality in 2020. However, OnePlus is one of the biggest brands and people still want to see something new from it. Here are five things that we […]

The Fujifilm X-S10 : A Compact Pro Camera With Super Cool Features

Fuji products have a strong nostalgic and emotional appeal with their vintage styling, monochrome color palette, and exceptional quality. Fuji sensors have earned an excellent reputation among people from the photography field for their colors. Fuji doesn’t make full-frame cameras, but they produce a wide range of alluring camera lenses and bodies for the sensor […]

Microsoft’s 2021 Lookout: Xbox’s Improvement and Fixing

2020 has been a fantastic year for Microsoft’s Xbox, as the company launched its next-generation hardware, dominated Steam, and continued expansion of its Game Pass service. Though Microsoft has done a lot, it doesn’t mean that its job is over. The company is likely to bring many games that are currently in development. Keeping aside […]

A Guide on Getting a System-Wide Color Picker on Windows 10

You must be familiar with the color picker usually found within graphics software. However, if you’re working with something else on your Windows 10, how will you access the color picker instantly? Well, Microsoft’s PowerToys tool for Windows 10 has got your back. it enables you to access the color picker instantly, using the keyboard […]

Why is Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Indispensable?

Fans of the hit Netflix show have been crying out to Marvel and Disney to bring their beloved show back, and even if we are looking at it objectively, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil should be brought back to life. Ever since fans have realized that the two-year time frame that froze Netflix-Marvel characters has run out, […]

Warner Bros. is Going to Stick With its Dual Release Plan

The cinema giant studio, Warner Bros., is going to continue the practice it has followed with its upcoming tentpole, “Wonder Woman 1984.” All of its films that are due for a release in 2021 will be released both in theaters and on OTT platforms simultaneously. When we say OTT platforms, we are essentially talking about […]

iPhone 13 Magsafe Cases Could Make Apple’s Next Smartphone a Performance Beast

Yes, you heard it right. MagSafe cases can possibly help up in cooling the overheated devices, thereby offering higher performance. The recently launched devices of Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup are already available with MagSafe apps like wireless chargers, cases, and wallets; the upcoming devices (maybe iPhoen13 onwards) might come up with a clip-on accessory that […]

An Easy Guide to Customizing Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 users often underestimate their PC or laptop for not having enough customizing options. Many people are unaware that they can tweak a few things, here and there, on Windows to create a custom space on the device and enhance their productivity. You might even be bored with seeing the same space for years […]

5 Important Things to Do Before Using Your New Computer

A computer is an essential device these days for every home and office. One cannot even think of making a living without having a computer. Computers are the backbone of today’s industries, business, and administration sectors. Have you recently bought a new computer? Are you excited to unbox it and explore its unique features and […]

How to Remove ‘The remote connection was not made’ Error Message?

Those who use a VPN as their primary connection or even occasionally may come across an error message stating, “The Remote Connection was not Made Because the Name of the Remote Access Server Didn’t Resolve“. You may get this error when trying to launch a VPN connection. Thankfully, this error can be fixed rather easily. […]