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How to Fix an Unresponsive Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug is a phenomenal device that allows its users to control and manage all the connected devices using the Amazon Alexa app. But just like any other app, it might stop working due to some technical issues. However, there are many that you can do to solve this problem. So, today we are […]

Can’t Type in Windows 10 Search Bar? Here Are the Fixes

Many times, after installing a Windows 10 OS update, users are unable to type in the search bar. They are unable to click on the search box, and thus they cannot type. This issue occurs in both the search bars of Cortana and File Explorer. If you want to fix this issue, then follow the […]

Facebook Videos Not Playing on Chrome? Here’s How to Fix This

Facebook is, without any doubt, amongst the biggest social media networks available across the globe. Hordes of individuals post about their day-to-day lives on the platforms. Moreover, the platform offers several cool features. Many users often spend a good chunk of time watching videos on Facebook. But, at times due to issues with your device […]

Android 11 (Go Edition): The OS For Entry-Level Smartphones Explained

Android 11 (Go edition) OS goes hand in hand with entry-level smartphones. In the year 2018, the Android Go family of operating systems was released for the first time. It was designed for low-end and low-budget devices. But, with the upcoming launch of Android 11 (Go edition), the operating system is expanding so that it […]

Mulan Disney+ Release Leads to a 70 Percent Subscriber Increase

Disney was in a spot when it came to the release of Mulan. The schedule for its official theatrical release was already spoilt twice, and Disney has to look for other options. While some countries were ready for a theatrical release of the movie, several western countries still had no plans on opening movie theatres. […]

Is Your Old Mac Computer Slowing Down? Here’s How to Give It a New Life

Is your old Mac computer giving you a hard time? Are you experiencing slow speed on your Mac? Well, with the passing time, all the machines get older and start to run slower. It is the most annoying problem that we all face with our devices. In the worst case, we can replace them, but […]

MCU: Some Of The Cinematic Details We Forgot About The Avengers

The Avengers is one of the best superhero film series in Hollywood. It is a highly appreciated film series by the fans. The first part of the film The Avengers was released in the year 2012, and after receiving several positive responses for that film by the viewers, Marvel Studios went to make a sequel […]

Netflix Gets the Distribution Rights of Venice Fest Winner “Pieces of a Woman”

Netflix has bought the rights for the global distribution of critically adulated Venice winner “Pieces of a Woman.” The subscribers of Netflix who had heard about the film have stormed the social media rapturously expressing their desire to witness a widely talked about performance by Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf. The tragic drama “Pieces of […]

Pokemon Go: All Timed Research Mega Battle Challenge and Rewards

From 11 September to 18 September, Pokemon has introduced a Timed Research Mega Battle Challenge. Pokemon Go introduced the following set of challenges to encourage the players to play the Mega Raid and evolve their Pokemon in Mega form. The rewards of the Mega Battle Challenge are huge. Niantic wants the trainers to win up […]

The Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2020

Brimming technological advancements have made our lives easier like never before. Technology plays a vital role in every part of our lives, including our homes. Technological advances enable us to run our homes remotely with gadgets such as iPads and Smartphones. Smart home gadgets make our life more comfortable, safer, and more convenient. In this […]