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Acoholism and substance abuse- How it can affect your sexual life?

Alcoholism And Sexual Life   Having one or two pegs of alcohol indeed makes up your mood and boosts up your energy and confidence level. But what if you booze in excess? It is found that alcohol affects the sexual ability and can hinder your sex life. Regular intake of alcohol may lead to sexual […]

Should you take viagra if you don’t have ED?

Viagra is one of the prescribed and FDA-approved oral pills used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition where a man finds it difficult to achieve and maintain a firm and stronger erection during sexual intercourse. ED is one of the common sexual dysfunction a man encounters at some […]

09 Erectile Dysfunction Myths That Are Just Wrong

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man can’t get or sustain an erection that is required to have satisfying sexual intercourse. It is one of the common sexual situations most men get encountered with. Most doctors recommend vidalista 20 for firm erections. Vidalista 20 is a tadalafil tablet that is approved by FDA as a prescribed […]

What To Do When You’re Dating A Guy Having Erectile Dysfunction

Being in a relationship with a man having erectile dysfunction can be distressing and painful for a woman. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual situation where a man can’t have a firm erection and lost the ability to maintain it longer during a sex drive. Having erection issues is frustrating and embarrassing not only for the […]

How Safe Is Testosterone Therapy for ED? Take a Deep Breath and Choose Wisely!

Vidalista 40 mg is a commonly prescribed erectile dysfunction therapy pill. Contrary to popular belief, ED can be addressed with a range of treatments that do not usually need surgery. Of course, hearing about the operation, especially in the genital region, might make people nervous. This is why many people are naturally hesitant to participate. […]

FAQs Related To Anti Anxiety Pill: Atarax

What Is Atarax Medication? Atarax is an antihistamine group of medications used to treat anxiety and also helps in relaxation before or after some surgeries. Additionally, the medicine contains hydroxyzine that resolves skin allergy symptoms, such as itching, swelling, and rashes(eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis). Atarax should be taken with or without food. Therefore, consult your […]

What Is Sildenafil 50 mg Used For?

Sildenafil, sold under the famous brand name viagra, is a medication commonly used to treat a common male sexual dysfunction called erectile dysfunction (impotence). It is uncertain if it is appropriate for treating sexual problems in women. Some doctors may also prescribe this drug to treat symptoms of other health conditions as well. Read on […]

Can Cenforce 100mg Treat Impotence Without Any Side Effects?

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder where a man can’t get or keep an erection during sexual intercourse. Approximately 40-50 % of the male above the age of 40 do suffer from impotence nowadays.  ED can happen –  When the nerves are harmed or deficiency of blood flow in the male organ With […]