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Margin accounts – the essential facts you need to know

Online trading has made it very easy for investors to trade different market instruments – from shares to mutual funds and exchange traded funds to money market instruments. This trade is conducted through your demat account, which you can open through a depository participant – a brokerage firm or a bank. But a demat account […]

Want to succeed as a day-trader? Here are 5 secrets for you

Day trading is regarded as one of the riskiest investments. This form of market investment is akin to gambling. But if you know what you are doing and if you have the research and data to back your investments, it could truly help you turn a profit at a quick rate. Most investors have a […]

Details about Demat account number that you need to know

Demat accounts are mandatory for people interested in investing in the share market. As per RBI regulations, you can no longer hold your shares in physical form and you should conduct all your trading activities in dematerialised or ‘electronic’ form. These accounts are offered by investment brokerage firms and you need to log in to […]

Initial Public Offering – Answering the most common IPO FAQs

In order for a company to keep running smoothly, businesses need adequate funds. These funds are raised by selling a part of the company to interested investors, which are used for purchasing equipment, hiring employees and expanding the business in general. You can also take out a loan to fund your business. Truly, there are […]

Stock trading tips for beginners

Most new investors wonder how to trade in share market in India. With thousands of companies listed on both, the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, finding the right companies to invest in can be a little overwhelming. This is especially the case with new investors or beginners who have started investing only […]

Stock trading 101- understanding the Stock Exchanges, trading indices and intra-day trading

The stock market is a place where you can invest in a wide range of investment instruments; from shares to mutual funds and bonds to money market instruments. Most investment companies provide online trading platforms on which you can conduct your trades in a systematic and strategic manner. You can invest in shares for a […]

Demat accounts – checking the account number and DP ID

Opening an online demat account is incredibly essential if you like investing in the share market. When you open the account, you are assigned a demat account number, which you can use to log-in to your account. This is a special number that you need to conduct trades online. The account can be opened with […]

What is IPO and how can I invest in it?

How to invest in IPO? This is a query that most share market investors have, especially those who have never applied for one. This is because IPO investments are slightly different from regular share market investments. IPO stands for Initial Public Offer. When a private companies needs to improve its cash flow and raise funds […]

8 ways to learn share trading

It is important for a first-time trader to learn about the intricacies of share trading. Share trading is the act of selling and buying share of publicly traded companies. In the share market, there is a seller for every buyer. When a trader purchases 100 shares of shares, someone is selling the 100 shares to […]

What are the features of Intraday trading?

Intraday trading is the process of selling and buying of stocks on the same trading day. It is more famously called day trading or square off trading, which means that all of the trader’s orders will be squared off before the day ends. There are two types of trading, either on the long side or […]