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Acrylic Fiber Market – Global Industry Report, 2030

Acrylic Fiber Market: Snapshot The global acrylic fiber market is expected to witness exponential growth in the forecast period on account of the increasing demand from the retail and apparel industry. Acrylic fiber is a quick-drying synthetic textile fiber made of acrylonitrile by the process of polymerization with other monomers. This fiber is used not only by […]

Citrus-based Alcohol Market – Global Industry Report, 2030

Citrus-based Alcohol Market: Overview Citrus-based alcohols are produced from citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, grapefruits, and orange Citrus-based alcohol products include wine, beer, and gin. Citrus alcohol has strong flavor and acidity. It is primarily used to balance cocktails. Citrus-based alcohols are used as flavor additives as well as bases in various cocktails. They […]

Liquid Sodium Silicate Market – Global Industry Report, 2030

Global Liquid Sodium Silicate Market: Overview  The demand within the global liquid sodium silicate market is poised to rise at a respectable pace in the times to come by. Advancements in chemical research have boded well for the growth of this market. The chemical industry is constantly evolving new and advanced means of research that help in […]

Marine Mining Market Outlook by 2026

The global marine mining market is expected to witness robust growth, thanks to rising demand for copper, which currently stands at near 24 million metric tons. The rising demand for minerals and increased technological advancement making seabed mining operations more effective will likely help the market achieve robust growth in the near future. It is estimated that […]

Hybrid and Full Electric Marine Propulsion Market Outlook by 2026

The global hybrid and full electric marine propulsion market bears a fairly fragmented vendor landscape, says Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a recently published report. This is solely because of the existence of large, medium, and small scale players in the market. BAE Systems, Wartsilla Corporation, AB Volvo Penta, Niigata Power Systems, and Fairbanks Morse Engine are […]

Glyoxylic Acid Market – Global Industry Report, 2030

Glyoxylic Acid Market: Overview The glyoxylic acid market is progosticated to display a notable growth rate over the 2020- 2030 forecast period. The growing demand for glyoxylic acid from the agrochemicals segment is a primary factor spelling growth in the glyoxylic acid market. The high volume use of agrochemicals in the agriculture sector for higher crop yield […]

Atelocollagen Market – Global Industry Report, 2030

Atelocollagen Market: Overview Collagen is one of the common proteins, which have a significant role for determining physical structure of the human body. It has a wide range of applications in industries across tissue cultural research, clinical medicine, and cosmetics owing to its properties. Atelocollagen is generally extracted by solubilisation process of collagen and generally […]

Catalase Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2027

Global Catalase Market: Overview The global catalase market has grown steadily over the years, owing to its wide range of applications in various industries. Catalase is mainly an enzyme which is found in almost all living organisms who are exposed to oxygen. The major function of such enzyme involves the catalysis   the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide […]

Agrochemicals Market – Global Industry Report, 2029

Global Agrochemicals Market: Overview The global agrochemicals market is expected to grow at a sound pace in the times to follow. Agricultural productivity plays a defining role in evaluating the performance of farming entities, and the latter have become more liberal to the idea of using agrochemicals. The research fraternity is making ceaseless efforts to […]

Sage Extract Market – Global Industry Analysis 2026

Global Sage Extract Market: Outlook Sage is a perennial shrub native to the Mediterranean region. It is used as a culinary ingredient as well as a medicinal herb. Sage is also known as Salvia Officinalis. Sage extract has numerous applications in food and cosmetic industries. It is used as a condiment in various dishes. Due […]