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5 Things You Must Do After Mold Removal in Your Home

After mold removal, your house should be safe and healthy to live in again. In addition to repairing the damage caused by the mold, there are other things you can do to prevent it from returning or spreading to other areas of your home. These five tips will make sure that you’re doing everything possible […]

Mold on Your Carpets? Here’s What Might be Causing It

If you have mold growth on your carpets, you may not know where the problem stems from. Mold needs specific conditions to thrive, so if you don’t understand what’s going on, it could spread and be very hard to remove without the right knowledge. Well, the experts of mold removal Oakville are here to help. […]

Don’t Move In Until You’ve Read This: Reasons to Inspect for Mold in Your New Home

Mold can be found in nearly every home around the world, regardless of how clean the home may appear on the outside. Mold typically grows in damp areas that have high humidity and moisture levels, so it’s extremely common to find mold in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. While some types of mold aren’t an immediate […]

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Remove Black Mold Yourself

If you’re tired of your mold problem and want to take care of it yourself, then you might be in for some bad news: not all mold can be removed from your home by you. Black mold, also known as toxic mold or stachybotrys, is very difficult to get rid of on your own and […]

Keep Your Home Mould-free in a Hot, Humid Environment

A hot and humid climate can make even the cleanest homes vulnerable to mould growth, but by following some simple tips, it’s possible to keep your home free of mould and mildew and maintain the health of your family. Mould removal professionals are equipped to handle the most serious cases of mold removal in Hamilton, […]

Don’t Let Your House Fall Victim to Mold: 4 Tips to Keep Your Home Mold-Free

Mold can be very dangerous, both to people and to their health. Molds can cause many different diseases and even death if one isn’t careful about preventing it in the first place. While there are certainly preventative measures you can take, most people don’t realize the importance of the condition of their house until it’s […]

How to Stop Mold From Spreading in Your Home. Here are 4 Tips

Mold can be one of the most frustrating household invaders to deal with, especially when it’s growing in places where you can’t even see it. Mold thrives in damp and humid environments, so your best bet to preventing mold from spreading in your home is to keep the air as dry as possible at all […]

4 Types of Mold You Might Find in Your Home

Mold is usually found growing in damp areas inside your home, such as basements and bathrooms. In fact, even if you can’t see mold, you can still smell it because it releases spores into the air that leave behind that musty odor you recognize from old houses or damp closets. Mold can grow just about […]

3 Common Misconceptions about Mold in Oakville

The Oakville, ON area has some of the worst mold problems in the country, yet misconceptions about mold seem to be abundant among residents and business owners alike. The good news is that many of these misconceptions can be dispelled quickly and easily by looking at the facts listed by the mold removal Oakville expert […]

Tips for Maintaining a Mold-Free Home After Professional Mold Removal

If you’ve just had your home serviced for professional mold removal Hamilton, there are some steps you can take to ensure that mold does not grow back in the future. Mold thrives in humid environments, and you can help ensure that your home stays dry by taking these steps regularly. 1) Sanitize the Property Mold […]